Sunday, December 31, 2006

End of Year Summary

Allison F.'s comment made me laugh out loud, and I wanted to expound upon it.
Yes, we are old.
I am more interested in knitting or sewing than bands. If I get into a band, that means I'll have to go see them IF they play in this shitty town, and that involves standing in a smoky room with youngsters.
I actually passed up a Bouncing Souls show, because I didn't want to be the oldest person there. I didn't want to be the only person who knew them "when". We used to go see them at City Gardens, in Trenton, New Jersey. I bought a t-shirt from their old drummer. I still think they rock, and their newest album is great, but....ugh...the standing.
And college-age kids bug me, with their Uggs and perfectly emo-d hair and shirts with that happy bunny. Back in my day, we didn't have the luxury of Hot Topic to achieve our look. We had Allston Beat, Amvets, and The Garment District. Heck, growing up, I had NONE of that. It was The Pinwheel consignment shop for me.
I guess by age 30, I've lived my wild and crazy youth. That doesn't mean I'll never occasionally drink too much and puke out of the car. I'll wear a band t-shirt if I find one I like. But now, I know what Allison is about. I'm comfortable with my homebody, knitting, sewing, coffee drinking, traveling self.
I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm full of eggs over easy, bacon, toast, and diner coffee, and there is a pile of 4.5 " squares beckoning.

And Allison F., I too have a husband who watches football.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Post For Kate

Hi Kate!
Here is what I've been up to:
1. Knee deep in cottons for those dang charity quilts Robin and I keep stalling on.
2. Creating new garden via cardboard, compost and dirt.
So, I just laid down a cheet of cardboard, from the dinette set, layered leaves, compost, and dirt on it, planted the birdfeeder stake, and voila! My mother had done this a while ago, and now has a strawberry patch. She used newspaper, though. Eventually, I'll turn that whole strip of grass into a patch of tall, colorful flowers.
Oh yeah, I also dug up and reset those big edging bricks. I have calluses!

3. Enjoying my Winter Break, and already moping about going back to work.
4. Drinking way too much coffee.
5. Seeking, and thanks to Cat, finding my dream dinnerware set!

The pattern is called Blue Dandelion, and it's by Stetson China, in case you ever find a sugar and creamer set for me. My birthday IS coming, you know.
Also, please note I am not scowling in this photo. Pretty good for a self-portrait!
Kate, you will recognize this shirt, no?

Here is my favorite Christmas gift:

This would be a coral Christmas cactus from my beloved. Not red, not white, not yellow, but a gorgeous pale orangey peach coral.

Remember when I asked Santa for a table and chair set? Apparently Santa's name is Lynne. I have the greatest MIL around!

The dog was already here :)

New Year's Resolutions? Ha.
I resolve to go on a 1.5 week vacation to PA, Boston, and Maine to visit parents, grandparents, Gardner Street, and Kate.
I resolve to drink more water.
I resolve to stop wasting so much time on the computer.
I resolve to really get my little business cookin'. I made my first international sale yesterday!
So, a brief question, dear readers: What more/else should I sell? Keep in mind, I am but one person, with one sewing machine.
Let me know!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

SNOW DAY!!! Wait...

So, I did The Happy Dance Thursday night, when my coworker called to tell me there was no school Friday. I stayed up late! I drank beer! All on a weeknight!
But....I woke up Friday, at 5:30 am, as usual, thinking it was a leeeetle cold. One look at my clock radio told me that it would be a long, cold day. No cheerful red numbers, no KDHX waking me.
Dear God,
You know I wanted a snow day so I could stay home and replenish my craft stock for Wintermarkt next Saturday. That requires electricity. So, why did you do this?

Now, I'm glad those ancient trees didn't fall across my street, or pull down the lines, but I really wanted to sew. I had laid in bed the night before, watching the blue flashes of transformers exploding, and hoping one wasn't responsible for my coffee, sewing machine, and radio. I prayed to you, remember? I thought about all the things I was thankful for. So, how do you explain this?

I am thankful that our house didn't get crushed by a tree, or that the wires in my backyard

didn't give up and snap from the weight of 2 inches of ice. I am lucky Matt's mom has an extra bed, even if it's in a small room with a million pieces of furniture (many with flowers). His mom is a lovable crazy lady. After all, she and I were singing along to "Let Your Love Flow" by The Bellamy Brothers this morning.
And thank you God, for allowing me to drive home Thursday afternoon in the ice storm without smashing my new car!

So folks, sewing did get done at the MIL's house yesterday. I'll have enough stock to not look silly, and hopefully people will be eager to buy retro Santa Claus print oven mitts.
Come see me, Beqi, and Cat at Wintermarkt!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Everything Went Green

If you know me, you can easily guess my favorite colors. Green of all hues, and deep blue. It was painful to have to get a red car, but I've made it though the fear.
So, here is the color of our New Porch. A dark avocado-ish green.

Here is Matt, looking cute with a paint smear on his face.

Other than approving of the paint color, and periodically checking to make sure Matt hadn't fallen off the ladder and made me a rich widow, I spent all weekend sewing. And let me tell you, Rock and Roll Craft Show customers, if 55 pairs of potholders and 20 oven mitts aren't enough for you, then I don't know what is enough.
Besides the RNRCS3, I'll be at the St. Louis Vegetarian Society's annual Turkey-Free Thanksgiving, selling my wares. I know, I know, I'll eat anything with a heartbeat or a growing season, but I can't say no.
Beqi and I are selling at Wintermarkt, in the Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood on Dec. 9th. Last year was the only year it was painfully cold; we've always had decent weather before.
And then, I rest, until I get a wild hair to do a craft event in Chicago in the spring.
Always accepting old jeans,

Sunday, November 05, 2006

On the 7th day, Allison rested

It hasn't been 7 days yet, but we're resting this weekend. By resting, I mean I'm sewing like a banshee and Matt is tinkering with the railing of the steps.
Here is what is now attached to our house;
You will note that the 300-lb concrete pillar, "Sir Lean-A-Lot" has now been retired. Since my dad was able to push it over with just a touch of his foot, I'm glad we're not relying on it to keep our porch from blowing off the house in one of the many tornadic storms St. Louis gets. Remember last January 2? After drinking cheap beer all day and watching a Star Wars marathon at John and Jenna's house, I awoke to tornado sirens at 5 am. Welcome back to work, Allison!
So, I dug a trench big enough for me to lay in (no exaggeration) and gave the pillar a proper burial.

Dad and I rolled it across the yard, and thankfully, it fit right into my trench, after crushing one of my fingers.
If you know me at all, you know I LOVE trash and recycling stuff. For instance, there is a teal recliner by one of the dumpsters as I type. I'm resisting going over to check it out.
I like how the post makes a nice border for the rosemary and dill. If the next owners don't like it, it's their problem. I'm not moving that behemoth again.
Here is the inside of the porch, from the kitchen doorway:

We're really excited to use the porch for dinner, breakfasts, and I want to be able to sleep on it in early summer. Matt bought 2 curtain rods for the windows you see above, as the streetlight shines right in.
Santa, bring me a hammock and a cute table/chair set!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Workin' Man Hands

So, my dad is in town, from Pennsylvania, with the intent to build us a new covered porch. So far, things are going smashingly. I took the day off from work and did this:
That whole pile of old porch? Neatly stacked in the garden. What about the dirt Matt dug up yesterday for the concrete pilings? Yeah, I shoveled all that and spread it around the garden.
The new porch is 8' by 12', and if you don't think pressure treated decking in 12 foot lengths is heavy, you're a moron.
In the above photo, I've captured the rarely photographed Big Mike. My dad's pretty badass for 59. Here's what the end result of today is. Don't let Maggie fool you, she just laid around all day and watched us.

It was pretty surreal, roaming through the new Lowe's with my dad. I had multiple flashbacks of being 6,10, and 15 and in the same scenario. Dad mutters to himself about the plans, we can't find 14' planks, so we have to get 16-footers, I had to go back and get angle caps, but got the wrong size, I hold the board while he bashes it just a teensy bit more into the hole in the house...did I mention my hands are inches away from the bashing tool?
All my life, Dan and I helped build things with him. We were the holders, the flashlight shiners, and the weight. "Go get your brother and stand on this thing". Today was really awesome, even though I was cold. I wish I could take the rest of the week off and be a little girl again, holding heavy things and fetching tools and looking for the elusive 9/16ths wrench that grew legs.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dull update

So, as fate would have it, here is the excitement of the night: Patrick from the Tower Grove Farmer's Market called me to see if I was available for a taping of the farmer's market by Show Me St. Louis. He said they wanted to interview a vendor, and I was his FIRST CHOICE!!!
But, once again, work drags me down. They're filming at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, when I will be in 5th period/The Henhouse.
Goldang it.

On a brighter note, my dad is driving out on Saturday/Sunday to rebuild our hoosier-fied porch!!! In this pic, can you see the lean? It's like an M.C. Escher drawing. Disregard the crazed moonflower vine, unless you want some seeds.

He's making it just a smidge longer, and infinitely more stable. It's been a long time since I've played helper to Dad on one of his projects. Our family tore down and rebuilt an addition onto our farmhouse, and then we tore down and rebuilt a 3-car garage. We also tore down our barn after a windstorm blew out the side.
I am no stranger to nails or hammers or saws or "Come stand on this board while I run the circular saw mere inches away from your foot".
The other big news is the Tower Grove Harvest Fest this whole weekend. Autumn and I will be selling our wares (if I get any done). Come stop by-I should have some Chrismasy potholders for your holiday delights.
Jeez, I don't think I have one picture where I'm not snarling at the camera. I swear, I look much happier than this!
Oh, and GO CARDINALS!!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

*blows dust off diary*

Well, dear readers, I've finished several sewing projects, and instead of rebuilding my stock for the Harvest Festival and Rock and Roll Craft Show 3, I'm on the computer, giving you what you want.

May 6, 1987
Dear Nancy,
Hi. Sorry. Today the sun actually shone and so I wore shorts. Mom picked me up from school and as a nice surprise, took Dan and I to Dilly's Corner for ice cream.
Yesterday Dad fixed the valve core on my bike. H. asked me if I wanted to ride along the canal path to Limeport. So I said maybe, because my bike was sick. Today she says, "I don't know if I'll have my bike back by then?" She better not have lied to me!
C. likes Chris C. He has a humongus hacienda! But it seems every time I look at him, he's looking at me. Oh dear.
Mom and Dad are planning to go to Ireland this summer.

Ah, the ever present plan to go to Ireland. It fell by the wayside, along with the computer, rebuilding my 1967 Mustang, a new car for me upon college graduation ( I got $90 and "Eat something, will ya?" from Dad).....we Walkers love to plan, plan, plan.
Dilly's Corner was a little ice cream/snack shop right at the bridge over to New Jersey. I probably had a blueberry milkshake, made with real ice cream, real blueberries, and real milk. They also had good cheese dogs.
H. lived along the New Hope Canal, which followed the Delaware River down to Morristown. Mules used to pull barges along it, but when we lived there, it was a bike/walking path. Actually, I think you could still take a mule barge ride.
Chris C. was a hot item for most of my high school years. Last I saw him, he had a big neck and had obviously been working out 30 hours a day. He was one of the smartest kids in my grade, quiet, and had a good sense of humor. He was a BMX-er. Chris was one of those kids who want to be millionaires by the time they're 25, and I bet he was close.
The first wearing of shorts was a big deal for me, because my legs are/were blindingly white. I may be responsible for several holes in the ozone layer. I was SO self-conscious of it, but never resorted to fake tan, thank god. Even now, my legs never tan. I get a few freckles, but that's about it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

In Which I Offend Many In The Name of Humor

Dang, I hate working. If anyone has any ideas of how I can still rake in the big bucks yet stay barefoot all day, please let me know.
No, I won't do that.

I've been inundated with special request potholder orders, including one for EIGHTEEN. Now, I love these repeat customers, but damned if I don't need to take a day off just to sew.

Things of Importance Since Last I Blogged:
1. None of my size 6 pants fit anymore, thanks to the potbelly someone glued to me one night.

2. My new students are nicer, but have funkier names. Taundalayaria. No, it's not a tropical disease. She goes by Tangie. Actually, I don't even know if that's spelled right. If she was Thai or Cambodian or Laotian, I'd understand. I once taught a Sourisack Pachanirisiri. He was a straight Crip, yo, but very respectful to me, and not just because I'm a Crip Killa.

2.5. I'm not really a gang member, if anyone accidentally gets here because they are one.

3. A frighteningly large percent of hits to this blog are from people looking for pictures of Girl Scout Cookies. Now, hell yeah, they're tasty, but we can wait until March, folks.

4. Poppymom and I went to a quilt show in St. Charles last weekend, as did hundreds of bikers and their leathery biker women. It was a feast for the senses.

5. Too many people made quilts out of dusty pink and blue in the 80's. We scoffed at these.

6. Baby accessories are totally cute, and I want you all to buy me cute baby accessories once I get a bun going in this oven.

7. I awoke last night in pain from what I can only guess was my right side wisdom tooth tearing apart my jaw.

8. I am in dire fear of getting them removed, even though I only have 2.

9. My mom informed me that my brother was 12 pounds at birth, not 10 as I had previously thought. Will my potbelly help make delivery of a huge baby easier?

10. Strange Folk Festival is coming up with a quickness and I'm panicking that I don't have enough.

11. I accidentally said, "I'm black on the inside" to one of my classes today.

12. If it makes it any better, we were discussing what the word minority meant,and I used myself as an example. A kid said, "But how do we know you're not mixed?" and I said the phrase before I could stop myself. It got several laughs. It IS a running joke among a few of my co-teachers that C. is secretly black, and was given this designation by A., a black teacher. C. jokes about it herself, and the other day, A. said I wouldn't know who Blair Underwood was because I don't watch black movies. It's all a joke, people! C. and A. and I are cool like that! But god help me, I said "I'm black on the inside" to my kids!

13. That pic of Bloods is really creepy. Like they really play guitar.

Monday, August 28, 2006

First victim

Today was the first day of school for me and my 13-year-old Vietnamese neighbor, Hieu. He was excited; I was not.
But, my Legging Forecast was accurate! One girl was wearing black leggings and a white mini-skirt, which was probably too short for school. She seems really sweet, but talkative, so I won't feel too bad about pointing out that her fashion is rehashed from one of the worst Fashion Eras in History---The Eighties.
Legging Count-1

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A few things

I've been saying that my new car is a color my hair has been. Well, here's photographic evidence:

I was at a wedding of a coworker in the Somerville School Age Child Care program. It was open bar, all night. Kathy and I are a few sheets to the wind. Do you see that I'm drinking what looks like Windex? Would you believe that's not the first blue drink I had that day? Blue Hawaiians are very, very yummy.
I don't remember much about the ride home, aside from puking out the window of the Jeep I was in. It was a great wedding. I still have the dress in the picture.

Now, for more serious topics. Each year, I'm disgusted more and more by the fashions my students parade around in. I cannot WAIT to show these pictures to my girls who will be sporting leggings and skirts. This was taken in 1991.
I am wearing what probably were my dad's jeans and Chinese mary janes. I am ragingly tan from sitting at the Pool, checking for member badges. Juliana is thrilled that I'm reading to her.
There's an even better picture of me in leggings, but I can't find it....yet. This was a look that I LOVED! It provided warmth and flaunted my skinny legs. Plus, it looked so cute with mary janes. Almost all of my current shoes are mary janes, but I don't have a pair of leggings. And you all will forbid me from buying any, won't you?

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Last Day of Summer

Well, I felt it would only be right to share pics of the quilts that Poppymom blogged about. I'm sure I could come up with some witty rendition of The Brady Bunch song about 2 houses of quilts coming together, but it's my last day of vacation and I've let my brain go for the day.
Here are pics of the quilts I finished/am finishing/hopefully will finish before the snow flies.

The blue/green one is just a top, a little long and skinny, but someone will love it. Robin cut a gajillion squares, and I did the piecing and plotting of the design.
The right one is all 3 pieces, just not tied. Each square is about 1.5". I am not the crazy one who cut all those little pieces; they were in the bag of donated fabric from Freecycle.

Here is the only one I've completely finished. This also came out of the donated bag. I hate binding. Give me prairie points any time.

You can see how excited Maggie is that the quilts are nearing completion. Or, it might have been the huge piece of buffalo meat, bone in, that she just finished eating.

And the basil? Robin isn't kidding when she says I bring her gargantuan amounts of it. This is how tall it is. I'm 5'2".
I like the look on my face. Not only does it say, "Bright sunlight!", but you can also imagine me saying, "Ima cut you, you mess with the basil." Note the grey streak wafting across my face. Note the swarms of bees anxious for me to get away from their basil. Note the hyacinth bean taking over the garage. Is this proof enough that I have 2 green thumbs?! I could reanimate dead bodies!
Actually, looking at this self-portrait a few hours later, and after some "Finding Pants For Work" drama at J.C. Penney's, I'm not too hot about it.
At least I've got a good personality.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm crying on the inside

So, the towing company that contracts with Goodwill called today. They'll be by to pick up my blue Mazda. I feel really weird and sad about this, even though it's not very Buddhist to be attached to material things.
Here is a poem I wrote in the Gateway Writing Project about this event:
Ode To My Mazda

To my '96 Mazda
I'll no longer drive ya
I'm no money chump
So no new water pump.

Good times we've had
But your parts are going bad.
You've been in the garage leaking
While I've been new car seeking.

How many hot guys did I meet
Who later rode in the shotgun seat?
How many wild nights
Saw the dawn's early light?

You got me to Pennsylvania
Eight times or more; I felt safe in ya.
Remember the trip to tall Taum Sauk?
You blew a brake rotor on that mountain top.

And the deer in Oklahoma?
I hope you only gave it a coma.
Thanks for not hitting the other two
Cause I don't think I'd be writing this to you.

You'll always have a place in my heart.
With you I made a single life start.
Your usual passengers were me and the dog
Through blizzard and rain and lots of fog.

On 9/11 I cried, driving north on 55.
For one awful year, I hoped Dan was still alive.
I prayed with you, driving home from school
There'd be no phone message
And everything'd be cool.

Little blue Mazda, you were my first pick.
My newest car ever, built in 1996.
With AC and tape player, we could roam all over.
A vast improvement over the '71 Nova.

I'll remove your stickers and vacuum you out
But first make sure you have no doubt.
I'm very sad to send you away
My beloved blue Mazda Protege.

On a lighter note, my volunteer moonflower vine is now named Audrey. We're pals. She is probably opening her first flowers as I type.
Yes, folks, this plant came up of its own accord, as did the yellow sunflower-like plants. In the background, can you see the parents of the yellow plant? The bees, butterflies, and pretty much anything with wings enjoy these flowers.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Introspective Blog Entry.

Each August makes me wax romantic about my years at Boston University, namely my first one. After that, the shit hit the fan and I found my intellectual ass at the local community college. It wasn't my fault, by the way.
I wish I could relive those days again. The bristling excitement of moving 6 hours away from my parents to an unexplored city. The swarms of cute boys I saw on my 2 campus visits there. Being able to walk down the streets at night because there were SIDEWALKS and STREETLIGHTS and NIGHTLIFE! Sidewalks, people, not ditches!
A few weeks before I went, Mom took me shopping for dormware and clothes. I knew I'd have an office job as part of my work-study program, and neither of us knew what the attire was. Just last summer, I tore up my green and checkered trim towel to use as rags. I had it for 14 years.
I never wore those white button-down shirts agan.
It's still fresh in my mind, the picture of me and my parents standing on the corner at the end of Bay State Road.
"Well honey," Mom said, "I guess we'll go." We Walkers aren't much for emotions.
"Okay," I replied. I was itching to unpack my stuff and start collaging my desk.
Dad got in the truck, and Mom and I hugged.
"Give us a call," she said.
They waved, well, Mom did anyway, and drove off. I could almost feel the apron strings break. A strange feeling came over me. Giddiness, elation, ectasy, thrills. I may have had a brief out-of-body experience.
"Holy hell," I thought. " I am COMPLETELY alone in a strange city, with cash in my pocket and nobody to tell me what to do! HELL FREAKIN YEAH!!!! College rules!!"
I mentally danced a jig in the afternoon sun and went back inside my brownstone.

My first month, I spent many Friday nights in Copley Square watching the skateboarders to their thing. I met Jahmal , who stayed cool with me for years. Unfortunately (or, in retrospect, fortunately) the rest of the skater bois ignored me. I met a guy named Chris, who took me to a million Mighty Bosstones shows.
On weekends, I'd ride the B-line to Downtown Crossing and sit in the park writing in my journal. Or, if I didn't have 85 cents, I'd sit outside Warren Towers, the main freshman dorm, and write in my journal. My hope was that a dark-haired hottie would be enthralled with my obvious intellectual-ness and fall madly in love with me. We would drink tea and listen to The Smiths. We would share eyeliner. He would weep at my beauty as we lay naked in his dorm bed.
I did develop a crush on a guy who lived on the same floor as my friend Eric from work. Can't think of his name right now, or even the nickname I gave him. We did talk a few times, and he played This Mortal Coil for me and we talked about "Lolita". He was friends with a girl named Belkiss, who was beautiful, and already hip/cool in a French way at age 18. I wasn't. I'm still not.
Years later, I ran into him at The Model. FLAAAAAMING! I was probably drunk on grape crushes or Cider Jack and hanging on Tom, but I knew this guy was probably never interested in my penis-less self.

Backtrack.....a month or so before I left PA, I had been babysitting Juliana (who turned all the guys' heads at my wedding). Nancy was driving me home, and we were talking about Boston. She and her husband had attended Harvard Business School, so she was familiar with Beantown.
"So, what are your goals for your freshman year?" she asked.
"Get laid," I thought. "It is time to shed the virginity."
"Get decent grades, make cool friends," is what I said.
Boy, I hope my mom doesn't read this.
That was a good year. And, Nosy Nellie, I stayed pure as the driven snow until the next year, but that's another Introspective Blog Entry.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No excuses

*blowing dust off Blogger Dashboard*
I'm not even going to explain what has kept me from blogging, because there' s no good reason. I'm just lazy as hell.
But, I have been sewing a lot, in preparation for Strange Folk and the next Rock and Roll Craft Show.
Here's what I made today:

A nice roll, although I wish it was sushi, cause I'm hungry.

Open, sesame!

DPN pocket, which is a real pocket.

Close up of outside. I love polka dots. I love Asian things. I love them together.

Another close up.

So, this is only a sample. I'd like to incorporate more patchwork into the flap and pockets. I didn't need any batting, cause the layers of fabric are cushy enough. Hopefully I can come up with some brilliant idea to use up at least half of one of my scrap tubs. *sigh*

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Toy

So, I'm finally able to blog again, after having no power for 5 days. We stayed at Matt's mom's house, which was fine, except for the fact that there are 18 different items in her bathroom with flowers on them. That means 18 different flower patterns. It's a busy, flowery bathroom.
Autumn and Raquel were the first to lay eyes on my new car, but don't be jealous-here's a pic for the distance-challenged.
I forgot, in the first posting, to draw your attention to my neighbor across the street in this pic. He comes out to his porch several times a day. He often mows or rakes, taking a LOT of breaks. I wonder if there's anything wrong with his heart. We've only said "Hi" or "Good morning" and he said hi to Maggie once. His wife works.
The tree on the left side lost half its branches last Wednesday night. Usually, Neighbor's porch doesn't get that much sunlight.
My Creepy Neighbors, Gollum and his wife and creepy kids, live in the house on the right. He really does look like Gollum, yet the 2 little girls call him "Dad". He isn't as bug-eyed as the real Gollum, but is surely wrinkled. The wife wears a fanny pack every day, with her skirt/dress and her hair up in a bun. Matt observed him cleaning out his electric lawnmower while it was still plugged in. Somehow, Gollum didn't lose fingers.
I know, it's not the dark blue I lust after, but those are apparently impossible to find. I like this color; my hair was this color a few times. The moonroof is going in this week. It's zippy, has radio controls on the steering wheel, and the dog is banned from riding in it. Oh, and at night, the dash lights are red and purply-blue! So cool!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fun With Crabs

I realized I haven't posted an actual diary entry in a while, so here you go, folks.
As for the list of things I want to do this summer, well, I still don't have a car. Don't ask about anything else.

April 29th, Wednesday

Dear Bonnie, The name of my family's cherished marmalade tabby who died this winter!
Today I was holding my hermit crab right after I gave him a bath, and he grabbed ahold of me and pinched! I was in major pain, but after about 30 seconds, he let go and fell into the sink.
Today I really let off at CT today in lunch. She said she had wanted to talk, but she didn't, so I said, "That's why I never talk to you. You say you want to talk but you never do, so I talk to Lexi because she is more interesting than you and that's why you think she's trying to take me and AD away!"
She didn't say anything.
"Al" to my friends.
I will admit that I used both a period and an exclamation point in my last quote. I will also admit that somehow I spelled "pinched" without an "n".
To bathe a hermit crab, you merely hold them in the sink while letting the faucet run lightly over your palm. Do not turn it on full force. Do not blast your crustacean with cold water, as he will grab onto your palm flesh for security. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but that really hurt.
And, was CT a man? How many stupid boyfriends have you had who said, "I want to talk" but then don't say anything worthwhile?
Was it only in Pennsylvania that friends could "take" you away from other friends? Was I merely a pawn? Lexi WAS more interesting, mainly because she wasn't a scary freak. She had a cool house with a deck on every floor. I'm a sucker for decks. Her mom was a good cook. We made dollhouses together. She had carpet in her room, which I always wanted. And she had a goofy sense of humor, which she hasn't lost. Yay for Alexis!
Now that I'm "grownup", I prefer a nice rug on hardwood floors.
Oh, and it's been one official year since we bought this:

Monday, July 10, 2006

I am St. Patrick.

So, you know how St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland? Well, I've done just that in my garden. For some reason, my sweet little cucumber plants have produced monstrous cukes that would put Ron Jeremy to shame.

No, that is not a cute little fairy's foot, that's my size 7. Yes, those are $1.oo flip flops from Target.

Here is another pic of my fierce garden:
You can see the tomatoes to my right are thinking about taking over. Behind me is the bed frame I found in the trash. The lablab violet vine and morning glory (thanks, Monty!) have formed a fine windblock. In the lower righthand corner is what this little guy turned into:

And the siamese twin cukes? Here's what a month of heat and sun and water will do. Notice that there obviously was a stronger twin. Notice my cute dog wondering why the hell I'm taking art student photos of cucumbers.

And for my final photo, my Green Envy zinnias which bloomed yesterday!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Sometimes when I do this, it feels like I'm feeding my hungry sparrows and blackbirds in the yard. Eat, eat, my friends! Leave comments! Let me know you've been here! Just don't poop on my basil.
So, as of last post, I have:
1. attended the wedding of Matt's friends. They had been at our weddng last year, and I was determined to earn back the price of their dinner/drink then. So, Matt had 2 plates of food, and I had 4 gin and tonics and a beer and a lot of fried okra.
Then, we went to a bar. Then, we went to another bar, where I ran into my old boyfriend Rob, who informed me that Gorilla freakin' Biscuits is playing in Chicago next month! Holy crap! I introduced Rob to Matt. Their bands had played together years ago. It's all good.
When we came home, our scary/weird lady across the street was standing in the gangway between her house and her neighbor's house. Matt yelled, "I see you in the bushes!" and she came into the light and said, "I was just making sure you got in okay!"
Readers, it was 2 freakin' 30 in the morning. What was she doing?!

2. Slept late the next day, but endured barely a hangover. Thank you, okra.

3. Watched the Boston Fourth of July on TV. The fireworks being set off by the poor people in the projects a few blocks away were much better than St. Louis' official ones. Can you buy fireworks with food stamps?

4. Discovered a new plant growing/blooming in the fence. It resembles a sort of mallow. It closes in the heat of the day. Its leaves look like scented geranium leaves, yet are not pleasantly scented. The flower has 5 petals. It's rare for me to NOT be able to identify a plant.

5. Ate one of the giant cucumbers from the garden.

6. Slept a lot, yet woke up feeling like I had been run over. This was not the day after the wedding.

7. Sold a lot at Tower Grove Farmer's Market.

8. Bought cute Airwalk sandals at Payless, inspired by my sister-in-law. They are red and perky and kinda hippie-ish.

9. Somehow hurt my thumb. It aches constantly.

10. Spent inordinate amounts of time on, and researching a new car. I rode in Jenna's Mazda3 wagon today and am in love. You can get a cassette player in it! Folks, you know that's a priority for me!

11. Matt found my missing Babaloo CDs, so all is well in my samba world.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Thanks to Poppymom for giving me a reason to NOT sew anything for the next 20 minutes....I do so love surveys! Glad you had a wild evening involving meat!
I hereby decree that if you read this, you must also answer this:

The idea is that you answer each question, using 3 or less song titles/artists/etc. Answers like "...everything by the Smiths" is not okay, even for me. *sigh* This is ripped from some chick named bookhart.

Song(s) That I Loathe To The Core Of My Being:
1. Butterfly by....Crazy Town?
2. What's Your Name? by Skynyrd
3. Candyshop by some rapper guy

Musical Artists That I Loathe To The Core Of My Being:
1. Britney Spears
2. P. Diddy Why does he always look sulky?
3. Korn

Rolling Stones Songs I Love:
1. Ruby Tuesday (surprisingly hard to karaoke)
2. Mother's Little Helper
3. Angie

Beatles Songs I Love:
1. Norwegian Wood
2. The song about sharing an umbrella at a bus stop
3. Here Comes The Sun

Who Songs I Love:
1. Teenage Wasteland (good for driving, esp. the YEEAAHHHH part)
2. Baba O'Reilly ( heard it sampled as I was laying on the floor at a rave in 1997)
3. um....drawing a blank here

Reggae Songs I Love:
1. Could You Be Loved?-Bob Marley
2. The Bob M. song about sharing my single bed with the roof right over our head
3. dang, I am really blank this morning..

Country Songs I Love:
1. These Old Bones-Dolly Parton ( I think that's the name)
2. Walk The Line-Johnny Cash (played at my wedding after the vows)
3. Tennesee Stud-by a bunch of guys

Movie Soundtracks I Love:
1. Valley Girl
2. Pretty In Pink
3. Suburbia

Musical Soundtracks I Love:
1. The Sound of Music
2. South Pacific
3. Man of La Mancha

Cover Songs I Love;
1. Stairway to Heaven-Dolly Parton
2. Paint It Black-Seven Shot Screamers
3. It's My Life-Gwen Stefani

Contemporary Top-40 Artists I Secretly Love:
1. Since You Been Gone-Kelly Clarkson
2. Gold Digger-Kanye West
3. Can You Take Me Higher=Creed (it's a secret! ssh!)

Songs That Bring Me To Tears:
1. The Star Spangled Banner
2. What A Wonderful World
3. Once, I cried to Pictures Of You by The Cure

Songs That Make Me Shake My Ass:
1. Hey Ya!-Outkast
2. Superfreak-Rick James
3. Whip it-Devo

Classical Composers I Love:
1. Aaron Copland (not exactly classical, but you know)
2. Tchaikovsky
3. Wagner (even though he was an anti-Semite)

Rap/Hip-Hop Songs I Love:
1. She's Crafty-Beastie Boys
2. Walk This Way-Run DMC and Aerosmith
3. Gangster's Paradise by?

70's Disco Songs I Love:
1. Hot Stuff-Donna Summer
2. Stayin' Alive-Bee Gees

70's Supergroup Songs I Love:
1. Come Sail Away-Styx
2. Another One Bites The Dust-Queen
3. Suite Judy Blue Eyes-Crosby, Stills and Nash

Metal Songs I Love:
Old metal or nu metal? Metal core or grind metal?
1. Run To The Hills-Ronnie James Dio
2. White Buffalo-Ted Nugent
3. Here I Go Again-Whitesnake

New Wave Songs I Love:
I can't say "all of them?"
1. Images of Heaven-Peter somebody
2. the New Order song originally done by Joy Division before Ian died
3. Love Will Tear Us Apart-Joy Division

Soul/R&B Songs I Love:
1. Stop! In The Name Of Love-Supremes
2. Sam Cook-I can't think of the song title
3. My Girl-Four Tops/Seasons

Power Ballads I Love:
1. Every Rose Has Its Thorn-Poison
2. November Rain-Guns n Roses
3. Eyes Without A Face-Billy Idol (pant pant pant)

Pre-1950s Songs I Love:
1. Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee-Glenn Miller
2. Skyliner-Artie Shaw
3. Jumpin' Jive-Marian Hutton sings to Glenn Miller

Punk Songs I Love:
1. Hong Kong Garden-Siouxsie and the Banshees
2.TV Party-Black Flag
3. Loser-Descendents

Singer/Songwriter Songs I Love;
Hmm...I'm not too knowledgeable,but here goes:
1. Anticipation-Carly Simon
2. You're So Vain-Carly? or Carole King?
3. I Think It's Time that we move in together/and raise a family on our own/just you and me-probably also by Carly

MTV Videos I Love:
1. Take On Me-A-ha
2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Cyndi Lauper

None Of The Above Songs I Love:
1. World Music Artists:
a. Babaloo
b. Joao and Astrud Gilberto
2. Hardcore Bands:
a. Fugazi
b. 7 Seconds
c. Gorilla Biscuits

Whew. Now I must fill my stereo with CDs and sew.
As a disclaimer, I've been listening heavily to Stiff Little Fingers and Joy Division lately, and not so much to the radio, so there.
And I happen to LOVE "Horse With No Name"! Matt says it's about heroin, get it? HORSE?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer's Bounty and Beer

Share with me, friends, in the first harvest of the Rabbitt Garden! I was weeding out purslane, and discovered some oddly shaped cucumbers hiding in their leaves. One was Siamese Twinning another one, so I'm letting it/them grow to see what it turns into. I've got a weird fascination with Siamese twins, if you didn't know.
I'll HAVE to make pesto this week, and will take orders. Anyone? Anyone? Perhaps a certain Illinoisian who I'm chillin' with on Friday likes pesto.
Also of note in the garden: the pokeberry plant is taller than me and everything else around it.
My tomatoes are quite leafy, and only have a few green tomatoes.
The pepper is the size of a nickel, and just as cute as you're imagining it.
The dill reseeded and smells wonderful.
Morning glories and purple hyacinth vine are taking over exactly where I wanted them to take over.
My newspaper-as-mulch idea sorta worked. Next year I'll lay down more layers of newspaper instead of just one.
Here is a cute picture of Matt's Beer Delivery Service.

Oh, and here's a shot of my first wedding anniversary present-a birdbath the color of my *sob* old blue Mazda. Note the happy blackbird striking a pose.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bellydance and Barbecue

For you locals, come say howdy to me tomorrow evening as I sell my wares at the Bellydance and Barbecue Benefit at The Royale restaurant/bar.
I'm not sure exactly how this will work, but my crystal ball sees it this way:I am sitting at a table, hopefully with a Schlafly. On the table there is a sign stating that a portion of each sale of potholder or oven mitt will go to the Panda Athletic Club. A woman is bellydancing, making me vow to practice more. I think of the video website where I wasted so much time last night, and know I'll find just the right song to shimmy to. Rick James, here I come.
See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Eighties videos

Some of you already have this. I posit 2 questions:
1. Will I ever be able to leave my computer again?
2. Why don't they play old videos anymore?
I love 80's videos.

Why can't I live in the Der Kommissar video? WHHYYYYY????

Check out Kate Bush's modern interpretive dance in "Running Up That Hill". This song is on the CD I used to play when I wanted to get busy with boys.
Check out that freak Appollonia's "Sex Shooters". We do more intense moves at bellydancing.
And...the song "White Horse"!!! It's in the "L" section. Remember when Doberman pinschers were the dog of choice for thugs?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Girl Stuff

Sometimes I'll hear myself say to a student, "Why do you care about things like this? It's not a big deal. In a month it won't matter. In a year it won't matter. And when you're my age, you'll laugh yourself silly thinking about how much it mattered."
The "it" refers not to Ebay, but to relationships with friends. Hmm. After typing that, my brain says, "but friends DO matter! No wonder we worried about it!" Perhaps I'm just an insensitive bitch, made easy by the fact that my best friends are, at the minimum, 5 hours away from me, and I don't even talk to them that much. Yet I still consider them my buds!
Eh, here's an entry:

April 28th, Tuesday.
Hi Sandra.
I am tired. Nothing really happened lately. CT was in one of her piss moods yesterday. She said I like Lexi better than her (true) and I always call her (false). Well maybe Lexi is better to get along with! CT loves Chris C., and I like MP. Today in English we were trying to send him mental messages to look at CT. It didn't work.

Hey, who could resist Lexi? We went to see The Goonies together and shared a twisted love for mint chocolate Bubble Yum. She was cheerful, which was a far departure from CT. Don't worry, Lex is still cheerful, even when the Cubbies blow a game. Hi Lex!
Here's another example of how fleeting my fancy was. Also, an example of how little I paid attention in school, yet made honor roll each quarter. My crush on Chris Conway came in about 10th or 11th grade. He was sort of a sk8r boi (couldn't resist), and very smart. It's funny that I married a very smart former skater boy, and today is our one year anniversary!

Oh, and definitely check out the link for Bubble Yum. I can't believe we ate so much gross crap in the 80's. I do miss Checkermint gum, though.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Update on List Progress

Last night, I attended my first belly dancing class.
My body started to hurt by the time I got into the car.
I learned a few things:
1. I have NO rhythm.
2. I dance a lot better when I'm drunk, especially if I'm with Tanya or Kerry.
3. I'm not as limber as I used to be. My left hip socket made popping noises.
4. I am rhythm-less.
5. I cannot perform what I learned for Matt without giggling.

Here's a link to my original list.

1. The purslane is almost gone. Did you know it's a food crop in Europe?
6. We had roasted chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes for Matt's yesterday birthday. Don't get excited-it was supermarket deli, canned, and boxed. But it was real food.
7. Haven't touched the Chinese Coin quilt because I've been working on this:

And these:

8. Ouch. And as I said to CO Robin, I felt muscles I haven't felt since I was 16 and riding a horse in the Grand Tetons. I haven't felt those since Daniel was chest hair-less. Since I last wore neon and tie dye!
14. yes
15. yes
16. yes. "The Brief History of The Dead" by Kevin Brockmeier. Damned good.
18. Soon, my precious, sooon
20. Yes, some days TWICE!! But not today.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Deal or No Deal?

When I was 7 or so, my dad bought an old tow truck we named The Brown Bomber, since it was brown. Witty, eh? He kept the towing apparatus on it for a few years, but it was gone by the time we moved to Solebury in 1983.
I recall Dad trying to teach me to drive stick in this truck. We lurched across our fields (possibly on April 6) as his "beverage" sloshed across our laps. He got a kick out of it, luckily, since I was tired of doing the dishes. I never really got the hang of a manual transmission.
This truck was used for the heavy/dirty/hard work, such as hauling lumber, or dragging gigantic rocks up to the house. Why we were dragging rocks, I don't know. Sometimes my dad did wacky things just for kicks.

Sunday, April 6th
Hi Odessa!
Sory about the past few days. Today Dad and I dragged 2 rocks (big) up from the woods by way of the truck. My throat hurts. I hate Jamie and Brian . They always repeat everything I say!
I made a deal with Mom that if I fixed supper, she would do the dishes. I'm gonna fix dinner for the rest of my life. On Thursday I found a note between BW. and Frank. They want to screw Nadine and Stacey.
I hate BC. He calls me his arm rest and he smells!

Yeeeah...fix dinner for the rest of my life....that deal sure did go south, didn't it? When I lived alone, I cooked a nice meal each Sunday and ate the leftovers all week. Ever since getting married, I rarely make even pancakes anymore. Anything requiring more than 2 ingredients is out of the question.
JW and BB were kids in my church group. They were a year or so younger than me, which explains the repetition game. JW remained a jerk for as long as I knew him, but BB ended up cool. He lent me his "Head On The Door" (by The Cure, duh!) tape on one of our ski trips. Years later, I recall him going to a New Order concert.
And I guess I should apologize for anyone's feelings that are getting hurt, but people, these thoughts of mine were from almost 20 years ago! I'm not a hateful person anymore! I've got good hair, cool tattoos, and am way more secure with myself than in 1987. And Lord knows, I was no prize pig myself in 1987-you can see the yearbook photo for yourself.

Monday, June 12, 2006

CO Robin, See What I Mean?

This post is dedicated to Colorado Springs Robin. Dan and I aren't kidding when we gripe about how we had to do dishes all the time as kids. I remember standing on a CHAIR to reach the sink in order to wash dishes. *sigh* I guess it could be worse. We could've been starved or neglected.

Tuesday, April 22

We had to run 1.5 miles today in gym.
I took 18 minutes and 29 sec.
Daddy is sick with a major head cold. I have to do the dishes for a week because I didn't put any of my babysitting money in my bank account.
I'm getting pretty sick of this dishes crap!

My parents were big on the bank account thing. I had a passbook since the early '80s. If there's one thing they've instilled in me, it's savings. Even though I can afford to go to Target and get whatever I want, a part of me still thinks it's wasteful and bad. Thanks, Mom and Dad! I'm going to be miserly for the rest of my life!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Easter, Walker family style

There really was no rest for the wicked, or even the non-wicked at our house. When I say my dad was a slave driver, I'm not totally exaggerating. Looking back now, I understand that there was a TON of work to be done in/on/around our house. However, I'm not the one who decided to buy a ramshackle 120 year old farmhouse. Also, we could have been asked a bit more politely to help out. You win more flies with sugar than vinegar.

Even on holidays, we were expected to be picking rocks out of the garden, carting away whatever old building had just been torn down, or, my personal favorite, being The Holder.

"Get over here and stand on this board," was a common request from Big Mike. If he needed help with sawing or hammering, my brother and I were the perfect weight. Many's the time I had to hold a piece of lumber while my father ran the power saw inches (if that) away from my fingers. It's a testament to his carpentry skills and my nerves that I have all the digits I was born with.
So here is Easter Sunday, 1987. A day of celebration and rest? Not in my house.

Sunday, April 19th
Dear Olive,
Happy Easter!
Today was full! All day I worked outside, cutting grass, etc. My back hurts so bad and I have to go to Peddler's Village tomorrow for the YF auction.

For those of you who know me, it may be a surprise that I went to church at all, let alone be involved in the Youth Fellowship. Again, I grew up in the country, and there weren't a lot of chances for socialization. I took whatever I could.
Peddler's Village is a sore on the ass of Solebury Township. Imagine a shopping village where New Yorkers and Philadelphians are BUSSED in. Unlike Boston in the 1970's, nobody protested or threw rocks. Chi-chi can only begin to describe it. At the time, I liked it. There were good restaurants (The Pig and.....Something) and some cool shops with crystals and suncatchers that I liked.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

When Poverty's Children Play

This entry sounds like something they'd make us read at work, and then discuss how it relates to our student population.
You'd think that I grew up on a dirt floor chewing on grass and riding a cow. Wait-my uncle broke his back doing just that....well...never mind, then.

Saturday, April 18
Dear Jessy,
Today Dan and I went over to the houses in the woods. In the first house, I found a package with 3 doughnuts in it and at the last house we made a seesaw and played in the puddles in the cellar.
Today Mon, Dan and I spent all morning in Doylestown buying things.
I bought:
1. a basket for Mrs. Colby
2. 2 pairs of stockings
3. a bra
4. candy
5. wooden eggs for my Easter baskets for my friends.
Daniel is still doing the dishes at 9:47 pm. He started about 9 pm. We saw "Raiders of the Lost Ark". I am tired.
Dan and I also painted Easter eggs. I made a bunny (weird drawing here) only it was cute!

We played in puddles? I was how old? WTF? How sad is it that construction sites were considered fun for us? When I say I grew up in the country, I really mean it!
As punishment, and because I was too big to get spanked anymore, Dad made us do the dishes for a certain amount of time. A little lip at the dinner table would get us 2 nights. Causing the other sibling to bleed was a week. Breaking something of Dad's was 2 weeks. Getting grades below a B was a month. How that would help us spend more time on homework, I don't know.
Because I was evil, I'd dirty every piece of silverware in the house if Dan had dish duty. I'd bake cakes, cookies, and use everything that could be washed. I'd volunteer to clean out all the Tupperware containers of forgotten leftovers in the fridge.
Sorry, Dan.

Monday, June 05, 2006

I have 12 hours left of work.

Sorry about the title-last night I couldn't sleep because it's almost the end of the school year. Each June, it seems like last summer was forever and a minute ago. Did I really drive to the Grand Canyon?

Did I really get married?

We bought a house? WHAT???!!

Another reason why I couldn't sleep last night was the sheer joy of selling 20 oven mitts and 30 sets of potholders at the Rock and Roll Craft Show. I am well on my way to a sizeable down payment on a new car. I was so excited and thrilled at how well my humble kitchen wares did. As I lay in bed, images of future fairs and selling to actual stores drifted through my head. Even the book I'm reading, "The Devil In The White City" couldn't dispel those sugarplums.
I learned a few things this weekend:
List Of Things I Learned This Weekend
1. The public likes my oven mitts and can't tell the difference between poorly applied binding and well-applied binding.
2. I can price my potholders at $11 a pair and nobody bats an eye.
3. Other folks, as cheerful and wonderful as they may appear, are also not as perfect as I assume them to be. For some reason, I always assume I'm the one with all the problems and everyone else has a happy wonderful life. We all have problems, so it's nice to know I'm not alone. I miss having friends I could dish with. I hope my knitting group turns into those type of folks.
4. This war freaking sucks. It's not just the people actually in "the shit", it's the sisters and mothers and wives of those people who have to deal with the aftermath. Just like we're creating future terrorists out of little kids who see their parents die, we're also creating future pacifists and Democrats.
I keep asking Dan if he's okay, if he's having any flashbacks or depression yet. I guess after 2 years, I can stop, but after 2 years, I'm the one who can't watch the news or read the paper without getting teary-eyed. It's kinda f-ed up that I'm the one with the post-traumatic stress and Dan was the one who got shot at and fought scorpions.
5. St. Louis wants its crafts, and it wants them now.
6. I have a lot of sewing to do (again, sigh) for the Tower Grove Farmer's Market.
7. I really want a new car. I am unabashedly jealous of Beqi for getting one already. Yet, I also miss my Mazda.
8. My cute shoes hurt after wearing them for too long.
9. Karen/Diane can get me and 6 others into the Botanical Garden for free.
10. Hmm...I had to make an even 10.....okay-I know an awful lot of people in this city, all of whom appeared happy to see me. Yay for softball teams!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm baacckk

Here's a link to a good pic of the Gypsy Caravan...event on Memorial Day. I like Autumn because she's a positive thinker, but even she was a little dejected after 9 hours of sitting in the Libyan heat. However, she did take some good pics.
So, after all those hours of sewing potholders and mitts, and telling my husband that I'd come out of my sewing room eventually, I was a little let down at my sales at the Caravan. I'm not a complainer, but it was SO hot! I drank like 4 giant lemonades and only had to pee twice! I got sunburned UNDER my tent!
On a good note, I sold 19 oven mitts today at Rock and Roll Craft Show. That's 18 more than I sold on Monday. If you're local, you should go tomorrow.
I have 20 hours of work left before summer vacation. My classroom is pretty much packed and ready to go. I even had Lavell pick all the staples out of the bulletin board.
Time for a list:
20 Things I Plan To Do This Summer (in no particular order)

1. Weed all the purslane out of my garden.
2. Give my demonstration in writing class without getting nervous.
3. Blog each day.
4. Read Alice Sebold's "Lucky" because I loved "The Lovely Bones" all 5 times I've read it.
5. Read young adult literature.
6. Eat healthier.
7. Quilt the Chinese Coin quilt I've had laying around for 6 years.
8. Take a belly dancing class at the YMCA.
9. Go to the YMCA every other day.
10. Kick ass in the flower beds out front.
11. Buy a new car and be able to kiss my old one goodbye.
12. Visit Noel in Connecticut.
13. Talk to my grandmom about her life as a youth in New Jersey.
14. Not wear shoes for 50 % of my day.
15. Drink a lot of homebrewed ice tea.
16. Read.
17. Go to Ted Drewes once a week for the Crater Copernicus sundae and rationalize it by "Well, I'm walking there and back".
18. Hang out with Robin and drink iced mochas and make fun of art quilts.
19. For that matter, drive my new car to the Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.
20. Walk Maggie each morning, like the cool-looking girl who I see walking her two large beagles. I want to make friends with her, but how does a 33 year old make friends? I forget how! What if she thinks I'm a wack job?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm a walker, not a runner

I remember running around a lot when I was little. My brother and I would chase eachother all over the yard/fields/woods/house. This often led to injuries, most famous of which is the scar on my right arm. I had been antagonizing Daniel, and he started chasing me around the house.
As we circled my mother, hanging up clothes on the line, she yelled, "Knock it off before one of you ninnies gets hurt!"
Of course, we ignored her.
I ran into the house and slammed the door behind me. Daniel put out his hand to stop it, but instead, ran his hand through the glass. I shielded my face from the flying glass with my right arm, which is where the scar came from
My mother ran in, since it was obvious one of us "ninnies" had been seriously hurt.
"I told you this would happen!" She yanked the huge chunk of glass out of my arm and sent me to my room. I assume she did the same with Daniel.
Later, she brought up a glass of iced tea. I was sulking on my bed, reading Mary Poppins.
That, my friends, is when I started to hate running.

Monday, April 13, 1987
Dear Meredith,
We started track in gym today. YUCK! I turned around (when running) to wait for Lisa, and this large group of boys came and went around me all except for BC. He ran past and tickled me.

Tuesday, April 14, 1987
More track.
Nothin' new.
CT's mom is pregnant again

sh Wednesday, April 15, 1987
Dear Nina,
Hi! I'm not babysitting for Molly anymore because she's quitting school. Why, I don't know. No more $!!
Maybe I can sell something to someone.
Dad saved a little baby bunny from Calicoon. Those things squeak SO LOUD!!! It was cut badly so Dan and I put it back in a rabbit ( I think) hole.
BC always hits me (not hard) on the head with the notebooks when he passes them out in icky Graphics. He's always staring at me. He called me a dyke and I just looked at him like huh?
We had this thing about commercials in Health today, and one was a laxative called Bombs Away!

Again, the things that went on in school that would be illegal today.
And, again, my father's ephemeral kindness. I sometimes think he likes animals better than people. Actually, I'm pretty sure he does. I think I do, too.
Here's what might be my worst yearbook photo. Bryan yelled my name (and probably something about the size of my boobs) just before the photo was snapped. Lexi's hair is right below me.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Where I've Been

If I could find the digital camera, I'd post pics, a la Blogity, to show you what my sewing room looks like. Imagine if a bomb went off in Hancock Fabrics, but didn't kill/hurt anyone or ruin any of their great fabric.
Beqi gifted me with another bag of scraps to add to the BOX of scraps she gave me for my birthday, which was in January.
I have barely touched the boxes of fabric in the basement.
I've run out of denim.
I've stopped being neat and am throwing scraps on the floor. They'll get swept up later.
I panicked when I realized I only had 2 Asian-esque potholder sets. They usually are my biggest sellers.
Gypsy Caravan and Rock and Roll Craft Show are in a week. One week! AIE!

Is $8.00 too much or too little? I priced the potholder sets at $11.00 this time. Are more people left or right handed? Will I ever be able to straighten up my sewing room?!!!