Sunday, December 31, 2006

End of Year Summary

Allison F.'s comment made me laugh out loud, and I wanted to expound upon it.
Yes, we are old.
I am more interested in knitting or sewing than bands. If I get into a band, that means I'll have to go see them IF they play in this shitty town, and that involves standing in a smoky room with youngsters.
I actually passed up a Bouncing Souls show, because I didn't want to be the oldest person there. I didn't want to be the only person who knew them "when". We used to go see them at City Gardens, in Trenton, New Jersey. I bought a t-shirt from their old drummer. I still think they rock, and their newest album is great, but....ugh...the standing.
And college-age kids bug me, with their Uggs and perfectly emo-d hair and shirts with that happy bunny. Back in my day, we didn't have the luxury of Hot Topic to achieve our look. We had Allston Beat, Amvets, and The Garment District. Heck, growing up, I had NONE of that. It was The Pinwheel consignment shop for me.
I guess by age 30, I've lived my wild and crazy youth. That doesn't mean I'll never occasionally drink too much and puke out of the car. I'll wear a band t-shirt if I find one I like. But now, I know what Allison is about. I'm comfortable with my homebody, knitting, sewing, coffee drinking, traveling self.
I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm full of eggs over easy, bacon, toast, and diner coffee, and there is a pile of 4.5 " squares beckoning.

And Allison F., I too have a husband who watches football.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Post For Kate

Hi Kate!
Here is what I've been up to:
1. Knee deep in cottons for those dang charity quilts Robin and I keep stalling on.
2. Creating new garden via cardboard, compost and dirt.
So, I just laid down a cheet of cardboard, from the dinette set, layered leaves, compost, and dirt on it, planted the birdfeeder stake, and voila! My mother had done this a while ago, and now has a strawberry patch. She used newspaper, though. Eventually, I'll turn that whole strip of grass into a patch of tall, colorful flowers.
Oh yeah, I also dug up and reset those big edging bricks. I have calluses!

3. Enjoying my Winter Break, and already moping about going back to work.
4. Drinking way too much coffee.
5. Seeking, and thanks to Cat, finding my dream dinnerware set!

The pattern is called Blue Dandelion, and it's by Stetson China, in case you ever find a sugar and creamer set for me. My birthday IS coming, you know.
Also, please note I am not scowling in this photo. Pretty good for a self-portrait!
Kate, you will recognize this shirt, no?

Here is my favorite Christmas gift:

This would be a coral Christmas cactus from my beloved. Not red, not white, not yellow, but a gorgeous pale orangey peach coral.

Remember when I asked Santa for a table and chair set? Apparently Santa's name is Lynne. I have the greatest MIL around!

The dog was already here :)

New Year's Resolutions? Ha.
I resolve to go on a 1.5 week vacation to PA, Boston, and Maine to visit parents, grandparents, Gardner Street, and Kate.
I resolve to drink more water.
I resolve to stop wasting so much time on the computer.
I resolve to really get my little business cookin'. I made my first international sale yesterday!
So, a brief question, dear readers: What more/else should I sell? Keep in mind, I am but one person, with one sewing machine.
Let me know!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

SNOW DAY!!! Wait...

So, I did The Happy Dance Thursday night, when my coworker called to tell me there was no school Friday. I stayed up late! I drank beer! All on a weeknight!
But....I woke up Friday, at 5:30 am, as usual, thinking it was a leeeetle cold. One look at my clock radio told me that it would be a long, cold day. No cheerful red numbers, no KDHX waking me.
Dear God,
You know I wanted a snow day so I could stay home and replenish my craft stock for Wintermarkt next Saturday. That requires electricity. So, why did you do this?

Now, I'm glad those ancient trees didn't fall across my street, or pull down the lines, but I really wanted to sew. I had laid in bed the night before, watching the blue flashes of transformers exploding, and hoping one wasn't responsible for my coffee, sewing machine, and radio. I prayed to you, remember? I thought about all the things I was thankful for. So, how do you explain this?

I am thankful that our house didn't get crushed by a tree, or that the wires in my backyard

didn't give up and snap from the weight of 2 inches of ice. I am lucky Matt's mom has an extra bed, even if it's in a small room with a million pieces of furniture (many with flowers). His mom is a lovable crazy lady. After all, she and I were singing along to "Let Your Love Flow" by The Bellamy Brothers this morning.
And thank you God, for allowing me to drive home Thursday afternoon in the ice storm without smashing my new car!

So folks, sewing did get done at the MIL's house yesterday. I'll have enough stock to not look silly, and hopefully people will be eager to buy retro Santa Claus print oven mitts.
Come see me, Beqi, and Cat at Wintermarkt!