Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I know, I know...slacking and such.

1. I've been reading a blog in which the newlywed author hates her new husband. What happens in a marriage to make 2 people hate each other? Why do people start being so mean to eachother? Is it the comfortable-ness of marriage? "I'm used to you now, and we're married, so I can start treating you like crap"? I don't know. It makes me sad and a little worried. I know I can be intolerable sometimes, but M. hangs in there. Thank god he's a social worker!

2. The brother of a student died in a go-kart wreck Sunday. The student moved to another school in January, but most of our students knew and liked the boy who died. It's been a rough week.

3. There is a baby bunny living in our rapidly-growing bushes. It ran across my bare foot the other day. I believe it is responsible for a new grey hair.

4. Tiny Montgomery and I walked the dogs tonight. Maggie jumped in 3 different bodies of water in Tower Grove Park. Clean, clean, and stinky and murky. Needless to say, she got a bath when we got home.

5. This really pisses me off: Last week, my teacher friend and I went to Kansas City for a teaching conference. Since we had some time to kill before getting drunk in our chi-chi hotel room, we went to the Mega Marshall's at Zona Rosa. I bought a tres cute shirt, and since it was only $7, I didn't try it on until we got back to the hotel.
The freakin' sleeve did not go past my elbow! It barely made it past my wrist! Now, I'll admit, my upper arms are kinda fat/muscular. But my forearm? WTFH?
Here is a pic demonstrating my outrage:

I had to take off the band around the sleeve. Naturally, the REST of the shirt fits, although I can't wear it to school unless I want to put on a boob show if I pick something up from the floor.
Who is this shirt made for? I am not a big girl. My arms are fairly normal sized, if not small. And by normal, you know what I mean. Don't get up on any damn soapbox, cause there isn't room for you up here. I have reconciled my butt to a larger size than it used to be. My belly shirts are safely packed away. But my forearm?
I enjoy food, a lot. Good food, McDonald's, comfort food, sushi, you name it, I'll eat it. I am not a picky eater (except for Long John Silver's. Never again. ). I've even started eating salads from Bread Co. again, after almost eating a ladybug hiding in the lettuce.
WHO IS THIS SHIRT MADE FOR??? WHY are clothing makers sizing their clothes so freaking small? What the hell is wrong with the designers?
I worked in a garment factory for a year. I made samples, drafted the patterns, wrote the sewing instructions, etc. All the measurements have to be in a decent ratio to eachother. Not so in my tres cute shirt.
And so I vent.
Come see me and Tiny Montgomery on Saturday at the Tower Grove Farmers' Market. I'll bet Poppymom will be there, and then your Blog Celebrity List will be complete!