Friday, June 20, 2008

I Have A Problem

See him?
There are tons of lightning bugs hiding out in this sunflower artfully wrapped by gourd tendrils. I'm sure I will regret letting the gourds grow, but that's months away.

The beginnings of my opium/heroin empire:

This is what I have a problem with:

Lowe's should not sell their 2008 seeds for a quarter each. A QUARTER! Where will I grow all these lovelies? Watermelon? What was I thinking? Crenshaws and zucchini? In 2 years, I will have no yard left.
Columbine? Am I serious? There is no shade in my yard, except for under the hydrangea and tall grasses, which are scratchy.
Didn't I learn my lesson with morning glories, namely that they are perennials and reproduce like Catholic trailer park crack whores?
(And yet, I fight the temptation to go back for more seeds)
I did find the perfect aqua blue paint for the ceiling of the porch. One man's mistake is this woman's $5 deal.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Goodbye to My Youth

So, I'm in the midst of chopping up a Rubbermaid totebox of old t-shirts. They are intended to become a t-shirt quilt, which I hope doesn't look too "kountry krafty".
Things are going fine, until I get to my Lollapalooza tee from 1991. *massive wistful sigh*
So many great memories! Freakin' Jane's Addiction from 20 feet away! Stupid boys Lexi and I went with! WEARING A DRESS IN A CROWD. 'Nuff said.

I'm wistful because that experience still seems so fresh to me, to be excited about:
1. seeing bands (even though I haven't seen a live band in like 2 years),
2. to be excited about cute, albeit stupid, boys (even though my 3rd wedding anniversary was yesterday)
3. to be looking forward to going to college in a Big City (Boston, baby!)
4. Life (even though I am about to get an HSG exam, which I will let you Google yourself)

I also sacrificed my ANCIENT U2-Boy t-shirt. That sucker was HUGE! Why did I think it looked okay? It would fit a family of four easily, yet I surely wore it. Tucked in, possibly tied in a knot...ugh...
I bought this shirt at Rice's Market, which was/is a giant flea market that my great-great grandfather, A.L. Rice, started eons ago in Solebury,Pennsylvania. He was named after Abraham Lincoln, btw. I was probably with Lexi and/or my brother when I bought it. I am mildly ashamed to say that it was originally tie-dyed, but had faded and then I dyed it pale green.

Regardless of the shirt's history, this album is one of my All Time Favorites. So gritty and raw, and Bono's head wasn't the massively inflated solar system it is today. In fact, the first song on"The Gold Album" by The Bouncing Souls, starts off with the same sounds as "I Will Follow", breaking bottles and whatnot.

Lex, this shirt's for you!
Upper Hand was a cute local hardcore band from Doylestown, PA. I tried to find a link, but the only one that looked promising was to some Warminster band's Myspace page. It involved a lot of black hoodies and screaming, so I spared you the emo angst.
The writing on the right shoulder is where...ahem....I had one of the members sign my shirt.....Ah, those Perkins' nights!
That's all for Memory Lane. Back to the scissors.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


In March, the garden looked like this:

These are from my Yahoo! Garden Group plant swap. They didn't bloom last year, but sure did this year!

Corn! Do you like my bean trellis made from citronella torches?

In the front bed, there are onions, carrots (which need to be thinned), Matt's pepper, and a buttload of lettuce.
In the middle square, my tomato kicks ass, the orange cosmos from Monty is ready to pop, and I think the wispy stuff is spider plant.
The back bed has sunflowers, blue cornflowers, more cosmos and my basil patch. Next to the compost bin is a white pumpkin from Laurene's discarded one last fall.

And, the black hollyhocks next to the white Shasta daisies next to a yellow lily that bloomed the other day. All day, there's been a huge black butterfly hanging around that area.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Garden Update

I have all sorts of wonderful photos of my weedy garden, but Blogger is taking too long to load, and I'm an impatient woman, especially with ONE DAY of school remaining!
You will have to wait, all 3 of you.

How about a list of updates?

1. Only 3 classes left to teach, and then it's a summer of reading on the back porch. My irritation level is at an all-time high, but I'll make it through tomorrow.

2. You know you've had a good night when someone says "Allison, you are a dancing fool!"

3. I sexy danced with the husband's great-aunt Virginia to "Hot In Herr" at a wedding.

4. Matt's mom requested "Superfreak" at same wedding. BTW, the Roberts Orpheum Theatre has the worst food and appetizers. Our wedding food is still the best I've had. But, we (and Matt's Uncle Jack and other older family members) climbed all the way to the top of the theatre seats and Matt worked the spotlight!

5. Home grown lettuce is yummers and you should come have some. There's lots.

6. My corn grows about 2 inches a day, and is beginning to show its lovely corn-bearing tassels. Unlike a stripper, these kind of tassels are the kind I want to see in my yard.

7. DJ Frankenstein will be "in the house" at Crammed Organisms this Friday. It's also his birthday, so bring him gifts.

8. Sewing has stalled again, but should pick up next week when I am FREEE of work!!!

9. Massive hair cut due tomorrow. I warned my mane that if it didn't start behaving, it'd get chopped. So, to Erin we go.

10. My hollyhocks, which only put out foliage last year, are enormous and inky purply black and I love them.

11. We have mowed our yard twice since the young hoosiers mowed theirs. I hate them so very, very much. So much so that I want to throw dog poo on their garage roof. How can you respect anyone who gets rid of a dog because she sneaks out through a BROKEN gate?

12. My Vietnamese neighbor is growing a mystery squash in his yard, which I lovingly/nosily keep an eye on.

13. Speaking of hoosier, is it hoosier to make a bean pole tower out of bamboo citronella torches? Cause if it is, well.....