Saturday, June 14, 2008


In March, the garden looked like this:

These are from my Yahoo! Garden Group plant swap. They didn't bloom last year, but sure did this year!

Corn! Do you like my bean trellis made from citronella torches?

In the front bed, there are onions, carrots (which need to be thinned), Matt's pepper, and a buttload of lettuce.
In the middle square, my tomato kicks ass, the orange cosmos from Monty is ready to pop, and I think the wispy stuff is spider plant.
The back bed has sunflowers, blue cornflowers, more cosmos and my basil patch. Next to the compost bin is a white pumpkin from Laurene's discarded one last fall.

And, the black hollyhocks next to the white Shasta daisies next to a yellow lily that bloomed the other day. All day, there's been a huge black butterfly hanging around that area.

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Katherine said...

Yep. The hollyhocks are black--and boy are they beautiful! I have such garden envy. I finally bought some seedlings and than it rained for the last two days. Now I see why the "farm belt" is in the Midwest, not Northern New England.kitty