Saturday, July 14, 2007


So, today is the last day of Poppymom's auction to raise money for breast cancer research. Her cousin is walking in the Minneapolis (I think) race, and has promised to shave her head if she raises $5000. We are $374 away from making that happen.
So, get over to and bid on something! My contributions are the black Ice Ice Baby quilt (seen above) and a gift certificate to my Etsy store, redeemable any time. I have a stack of flippin' awesome oven mitts that I'm about to work on, so if you go to my store and don't see whatcha want, just wait, my friends.
The quilt is a summer quilt-no batting. It has a ton of cool little prints, like hot rods, cherries, pinups, florals, plaids, Asian stuff, baby dolls, etc, etc. It is about 5" wide by 7 feet long, methinks. It is newly washed and dried, and will make anybody happy. I didn't want it to be too gender-specific. You only have to bid $101 and it could be yours!

I know that if ever other one of you who reads this goes and bids, The Cuz will be bald. Plus, it's for a good cause.
Come on, relive your crazy youth when you did spur of the moment things! It's Bastille Day too! Go crazy, folks!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quilts and Guns

So, I've been working on this:

and I think it's pretty damned cute. Superchick has encouraged me to make many more for the upcoming CraftaNostra show. Just how many more? And how much should I charge?

In other news, some asshole tried to break into my car last night. Apparently, they really wanted the 11 cents and dog hair on the floor. The handle is all bent, but it opens. I'm so ready to sit up all night on the front porch with a shotgun, only I don't have one. Again, you shouldn't mess with short people. Our anger is concentrated!

The damned possums or rabbits keep eating my and Tiny Montgomery's tomatoes. More victims of my imaginary shotgun!

Matt found a website that tells you if your house was ever condemned, and ours was in 1997! It is a great time-waster, and I recommend you spend some time poking around it. We also found a website that has estimated appraisals of houses, but I have a hard time believing that ours is $181,000. Has anyone SEEN our ramshackle garage lately?

I'm so ticked about my car. So very , very ticked. Maybe this cloud scene the other night, before the 15 minutes of nickel-sized hail was a warning sign:

Go to Boobhaha and bid on wonderful things. I will put 2 hot pink streaks in my hair if Poppymom raises $1000. I know, 2 streaks isn't a big deal, but school starts in a short time, so it has to be tame enough to be re-dyed by late August.

Transformers=good movie. Not an intellectually stimulating masterpiece, but it's good at what its goal is. Plus, Matt ate Junior Mints that he thought HE dropped in the Moolah Theatre's leather couches, but then realized that there were more than one mint in the crack. Ha ha!

That is all. Give me price estimates of that quilt. It's about 36" square.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


In lieu of an actual post, because I am knee-deep in red, orange, and pinks for a baby quilt, (no, not for my own still-to-be-made baby) bookmark this page and bid early and often:

Poppymom is organizing an auction to raise money to fight breast cancer. All details can be read to above site. I'm donating a summer quilt-spread, and one item from my Etsy shop.
There is the promise of Gwen Stefani-hot pink hair dye and a complete head shaving if $5000 is raised. You know I SO want to be part of that!
I have added my wonderful new oven mitts to said Etsy shop. I sold a bunch at the farmer's market on Saturday, and have a ton more cut out, but the quilt demands top priority. Go see! Support my trip to Maine! I must eat as much seafood as possible!