Wednesday, July 04, 2007


In lieu of an actual post, because I am knee-deep in red, orange, and pinks for a baby quilt, (no, not for my own still-to-be-made baby) bookmark this page and bid early and often:

Poppymom is organizing an auction to raise money to fight breast cancer. All details can be read to above site. I'm donating a summer quilt-spread, and one item from my Etsy shop.
There is the promise of Gwen Stefani-hot pink hair dye and a complete head shaving if $5000 is raised. You know I SO want to be part of that!
I have added my wonderful new oven mitts to said Etsy shop. I sold a bunch at the farmer's market on Saturday, and have a ton more cut out, but the quilt demands top priority. Go see! Support my trip to Maine! I must eat as much seafood as possible!

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sarahkate said...

Grrr!!! The one Saturday I skip TGFM and of course it's the one you are at. Curses, the craft fairies have foiled me again.