Friday, June 20, 2008

I Have A Problem

See him?
There are tons of lightning bugs hiding out in this sunflower artfully wrapped by gourd tendrils. I'm sure I will regret letting the gourds grow, but that's months away.

The beginnings of my opium/heroin empire:

This is what I have a problem with:

Lowe's should not sell their 2008 seeds for a quarter each. A QUARTER! Where will I grow all these lovelies? Watermelon? What was I thinking? Crenshaws and zucchini? In 2 years, I will have no yard left.
Columbine? Am I serious? There is no shade in my yard, except for under the hydrangea and tall grasses, which are scratchy.
Didn't I learn my lesson with morning glories, namely that they are perennials and reproduce like Catholic trailer park crack whores?
(And yet, I fight the temptation to go back for more seeds)
I did find the perfect aqua blue paint for the ceiling of the porch. One man's mistake is this woman's $5 deal.

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