Saturday, July 05, 2008

Independence Day

Remember these? The baby corn grown in cardboard boxes?

Well this is what those little sprouts turned into:

Yesterday, I declared my independence from bland store-bought corn. Corn loses its sweetness as soon as it is picked, so imagine how tasty grocery store corn COULD be if you ate it a few hours after it was picked!
I'll tell you how tasty it was: mind-blowingly good. And to think I grew it from a seed!

Also yesterday, the cardinal eggs hatched, and we are now the proud landlords of two baby cardinals! They look like grey blobs until a parent bird shows up, then you can see their little yellow beaks and mouths.

So, here's celebrating homegrown corn! Soon, it will be tomatoes and squash and peppers and onions and chamomile tea. That's right, I'm growing chamomile and harvesting the blossoms for tea.

Maybe next year will see the start of Squaresville Seeds!

1 comment:

Cat Pick said...

That corn must have been like dessert! Yum!

Still waiting for pics of that exotic melon though...