Sunday, July 06, 2008

How To Waste Time

Where we grew up, we didn't get cable. It would have cost too much to have it wired in from "town". So, I miss out on many, many 80's video references due to my parents' tightwadness.

That is where YouTube steps in to school me about videos by David Bowie (referenced in Flight of the Conchords), Duran Duran, Kate Bush and yes, Star Blazers, which my brother and I were complete raving lunatics about.

This video explains all my terrible dance moves, even though I've never seen it before today and I haven't worn knickers since 1985.
Now, I do add what I remember from belly dancing class as well as some inspiration from Sassy Girl, who was a frequent patron of Mod Night back during my Drink My Face Off On A Wednesday Night And Make Your Roommate Call In Sick For You Days.

Yes, I did that and I'm only mildly ashamed. Don't judge me!

1 comment:

Katherine said...

I also think of that dance as the much copied 'Molly Ringwald Breakfast Club Dance'.

I used to be so hot for Duran Duran. Now they look like little boys in frilly clothes. I am so &^@%*$# old.