Friday, December 29, 2006

Post For Kate

Hi Kate!
Here is what I've been up to:
1. Knee deep in cottons for those dang charity quilts Robin and I keep stalling on.
2. Creating new garden via cardboard, compost and dirt.
So, I just laid down a cheet of cardboard, from the dinette set, layered leaves, compost, and dirt on it, planted the birdfeeder stake, and voila! My mother had done this a while ago, and now has a strawberry patch. She used newspaper, though. Eventually, I'll turn that whole strip of grass into a patch of tall, colorful flowers.
Oh yeah, I also dug up and reset those big edging bricks. I have calluses!

3. Enjoying my Winter Break, and already moping about going back to work.
4. Drinking way too much coffee.
5. Seeking, and thanks to Cat, finding my dream dinnerware set!

The pattern is called Blue Dandelion, and it's by Stetson China, in case you ever find a sugar and creamer set for me. My birthday IS coming, you know.
Also, please note I am not scowling in this photo. Pretty good for a self-portrait!
Kate, you will recognize this shirt, no?

Here is my favorite Christmas gift:

This would be a coral Christmas cactus from my beloved. Not red, not white, not yellow, but a gorgeous pale orangey peach coral.

Remember when I asked Santa for a table and chair set? Apparently Santa's name is Lynne. I have the greatest MIL around!

The dog was already here :)

New Year's Resolutions? Ha.
I resolve to go on a 1.5 week vacation to PA, Boston, and Maine to visit parents, grandparents, Gardner Street, and Kate.
I resolve to drink more water.
I resolve to stop wasting so much time on the computer.
I resolve to really get my little business cookin'. I made my first international sale yesterday!
So, a brief question, dear readers: What more/else should I sell? Keep in mind, I am but one person, with one sewing machine.
Let me know!


Katherine said...
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Katherine said...

Thanks for the post.

I like your self portrait. You look very thoughtful.

So the bird seed creates flowers? It all seems sort of confusing.

Anonymous said...

We save the money this year, all of it!


Autumn Wiggins said...

Very cool dishes! Did you get them at that emporium?

Allison said...

The dishes were in the 30% off sale at Retro 101, on Cherokee Street. 6 place settings for $37.00!!

Allison F said...

Hey I thought of both you and Kate the other day when I was watching HGTV in the middle of the day and caught a show called 'Knitty Gritty'. I was mildly was a knitting show hosted by a few Gen X hipsters with choppy haircuts and granny glasses who showed the viewers patterns for cool knit earflap hats and rad sweaters, etc. and it actually made me feel like learning to knit, cuz those women were cool and hip, thus knitting must be cool and hip, etc.

So, does this mean we are officially old ladies now? Have female gen Xers truly crossed the line from being more interested in knitting than, say, the punk band du jour and the hot guy who works at the used record store? Is this child really mine?? Do I really have a husband who will be watching a football game this afternoon??? Do I really want to watch Knitty Gritty more than I want to wander around Harvard Square being aimlessly cool????

Its like being trapped in Talking Head's 'Once in a Lifetime'.

raquel said... bout (as weird as it may sound...but, hey, i'm weird.) heating pad covers? my sis and i were talking about this when she was here visiting over christmas break...i mean, come ugly are those pale blue covers made of fleece/cotton/polyester or whatever else is blended in there to keep your arse from catching fire. and the humongo warning label? hello? ugly. i think something of that nature might not be bad...and easy to make of course. just a thought. :)