Sunday, November 05, 2006

On the 7th day, Allison rested

It hasn't been 7 days yet, but we're resting this weekend. By resting, I mean I'm sewing like a banshee and Matt is tinkering with the railing of the steps.
Here is what is now attached to our house;
You will note that the 300-lb concrete pillar, "Sir Lean-A-Lot" has now been retired. Since my dad was able to push it over with just a touch of his foot, I'm glad we're not relying on it to keep our porch from blowing off the house in one of the many tornadic storms St. Louis gets. Remember last January 2? After drinking cheap beer all day and watching a Star Wars marathon at John and Jenna's house, I awoke to tornado sirens at 5 am. Welcome back to work, Allison!
So, I dug a trench big enough for me to lay in (no exaggeration) and gave the pillar a proper burial.

Dad and I rolled it across the yard, and thankfully, it fit right into my trench, after crushing one of my fingers.
If you know me at all, you know I LOVE trash and recycling stuff. For instance, there is a teal recliner by one of the dumpsters as I type. I'm resisting going over to check it out.
I like how the post makes a nice border for the rosemary and dill. If the next owners don't like it, it's their problem. I'm not moving that behemoth again.
Here is the inside of the porch, from the kitchen doorway:

We're really excited to use the porch for dinner, breakfasts, and I want to be able to sleep on it in early summer. Matt bought 2 curtain rods for the windows you see above, as the streetlight shines right in.
Santa, bring me a hammock and a cute table/chair set!


lex said...

Looking good!
Nice Work Walker-Rabbit Family.

Kate said...

Nice Porch! Hoping this post works...