Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Eighties videos

Some of you already have this. I posit 2 questions:
1. Will I ever be able to leave my computer again?
2. Why don't they play old videos anymore?
I love 80's videos.

Why can't I live in the Der Kommissar video? WHHYYYYY????

Check out Kate Bush's modern interpretive dance in "Running Up That Hill". This song is on the CD I used to play when I wanted to get busy with boys.
Check out that freak Appollonia's "Sex Shooters". We do more intense moves at bellydancing.
And...the song "White Horse"!!! It's in the "L" section. Remember when Doberman pinschers were the dog of choice for thugs?


Autumn said...

Wow, awesome find!
I vote The Art of Noise-Close to the Edit as creepiest video of all time. Also, Metallica's - Master of Pupputs brought it all back for me. Geez they kicked so much ass back then, and I was so going to marry Lars *sigh*

Autumn said...

Also, if anyone is a Tori Amos fan, strap on your seat belts, scroll down to "Y", and check out "Y Kan't Tori Read - The Big Picture" !!! I am a total Toriphile, and though I own a taped copy of this rare album, I had no idea she made a video. It's SO WHACK!