Sunday, June 18, 2006

Girl Stuff

Sometimes I'll hear myself say to a student, "Why do you care about things like this? It's not a big deal. In a month it won't matter. In a year it won't matter. And when you're my age, you'll laugh yourself silly thinking about how much it mattered."
The "it" refers not to Ebay, but to relationships with friends. Hmm. After typing that, my brain says, "but friends DO matter! No wonder we worried about it!" Perhaps I'm just an insensitive bitch, made easy by the fact that my best friends are, at the minimum, 5 hours away from me, and I don't even talk to them that much. Yet I still consider them my buds!
Eh, here's an entry:

April 28th, Tuesday.
Hi Sandra.
I am tired. Nothing really happened lately. CT was in one of her piss moods yesterday. She said I like Lexi better than her (true) and I always call her (false). Well maybe Lexi is better to get along with! CT loves Chris C., and I like MP. Today in English we were trying to send him mental messages to look at CT. It didn't work.

Hey, who could resist Lexi? We went to see The Goonies together and shared a twisted love for mint chocolate Bubble Yum. She was cheerful, which was a far departure from CT. Don't worry, Lex is still cheerful, even when the Cubbies blow a game. Hi Lex!
Here's another example of how fleeting my fancy was. Also, an example of how little I paid attention in school, yet made honor roll each quarter. My crush on Chris Conway came in about 10th or 11th grade. He was sort of a sk8r boi (couldn't resist), and very smart. It's funny that I married a very smart former skater boy, and today is our one year anniversary!

Oh, and definitely check out the link for Bubble Yum. I can't believe we ate so much gross crap in the 80's. I do miss Checkermint gum, though.

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