Sunday, August 27, 2006

A few things

I've been saying that my new car is a color my hair has been. Well, here's photographic evidence:

I was at a wedding of a coworker in the Somerville School Age Child Care program. It was open bar, all night. Kathy and I are a few sheets to the wind. Do you see that I'm drinking what looks like Windex? Would you believe that's not the first blue drink I had that day? Blue Hawaiians are very, very yummy.
I don't remember much about the ride home, aside from puking out the window of the Jeep I was in. It was a great wedding. I still have the dress in the picture.

Now, for more serious topics. Each year, I'm disgusted more and more by the fashions my students parade around in. I cannot WAIT to show these pictures to my girls who will be sporting leggings and skirts. This was taken in 1991.
I am wearing what probably were my dad's jeans and Chinese mary janes. I am ragingly tan from sitting at the Pool, checking for member badges. Juliana is thrilled that I'm reading to her.
There's an even better picture of me in leggings, but I can't find it....yet. This was a look that I LOVED! It provided warmth and flaunted my skinny legs. Plus, it looked so cute with mary janes. Almost all of my current shoes are mary janes, but I don't have a pair of leggings. And you all will forbid me from buying any, won't you?


Rivetbob said...

I totally bought a pair two weeks ago. You're such a trendsetter.

Robin said...

I'll keep you from buying leggings if you prevent me from buying Chinese Mary Janes. I've always been a sucker for Mary Janes, and I went through many pairs of the flimsy Chinese ones through the 1990s.

A note of caution: if you must wear Chinese Mary Janes, be extra-careful to not stub your toe, for there is no protection in the Chinese Mary Janes. I nearly broke my big toe and destroyed the toenail in a pair of those things. Which is why I'm not allowed to wear them anymore. Chinese Mary Janes and alcohol don't mix, my friend.

maitai said...

cute photo!!! and YES, i forbid you from buying leggings!!!

Allison said...

Rivetbob, take them back. I have instructed Dan to search and destroy!