Monday, August 21, 2006

The Last Day of Summer

Well, I felt it would only be right to share pics of the quilts that Poppymom blogged about. I'm sure I could come up with some witty rendition of The Brady Bunch song about 2 houses of quilts coming together, but it's my last day of vacation and I've let my brain go for the day.
Here are pics of the quilts I finished/am finishing/hopefully will finish before the snow flies.

The blue/green one is just a top, a little long and skinny, but someone will love it. Robin cut a gajillion squares, and I did the piecing and plotting of the design.
The right one is all 3 pieces, just not tied. Each square is about 1.5". I am not the crazy one who cut all those little pieces; they were in the bag of donated fabric from Freecycle.

Here is the only one I've completely finished. This also came out of the donated bag. I hate binding. Give me prairie points any time.

You can see how excited Maggie is that the quilts are nearing completion. Or, it might have been the huge piece of buffalo meat, bone in, that she just finished eating.

And the basil? Robin isn't kidding when she says I bring her gargantuan amounts of it. This is how tall it is. I'm 5'2".
I like the look on my face. Not only does it say, "Bright sunlight!", but you can also imagine me saying, "Ima cut you, you mess with the basil." Note the grey streak wafting across my face. Note the swarms of bees anxious for me to get away from their basil. Note the hyacinth bean taking over the garage. Is this proof enough that I have 2 green thumbs?! I could reanimate dead bodies!
Actually, looking at this self-portrait a few hours later, and after some "Finding Pants For Work" drama at J.C. Penney's, I'm not too hot about it.
At least I've got a good personality.


Robin said...

Good God! The basil's out of control! It's got to be some kind of basil-kudzu hybrid that's going to completely engulf the house, you, Matt, Maggie, and the new car before the first frost.

It's tasty, though. We had pasta with chicken and pesto for dinner Saturday night. While Clara Jane was skeptical - she believes the only edible green items are peas and boogers - B. and I thought it was heaven.

Can you believe I honestly forgot about the gazillion quilt squares I cut? I really did.

Rivetbob said...

I instantly thought Dirty Harry when i saw that pic of you before I scrolled down. Dan also has quite the green thumb, I however, kill anything plant-like that I touch. Maybe I could take up flower arrangements? (Sorry for the comma splices)