Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Toy

So, I'm finally able to blog again, after having no power for 5 days. We stayed at Matt's mom's house, which was fine, except for the fact that there are 18 different items in her bathroom with flowers on them. That means 18 different flower patterns. It's a busy, flowery bathroom.
Autumn and Raquel were the first to lay eyes on my new car, but don't be jealous-here's a pic for the distance-challenged.
I forgot, in the first posting, to draw your attention to my neighbor across the street in this pic. He comes out to his porch several times a day. He often mows or rakes, taking a LOT of breaks. I wonder if there's anything wrong with his heart. We've only said "Hi" or "Good morning" and he said hi to Maggie once. His wife works.
The tree on the left side lost half its branches last Wednesday night. Usually, Neighbor's porch doesn't get that much sunlight.
My Creepy Neighbors, Gollum and his wife and creepy kids, live in the house on the right. He really does look like Gollum, yet the 2 little girls call him "Dad". He isn't as bug-eyed as the real Gollum, but is surely wrinkled. The wife wears a fanny pack every day, with her skirt/dress and her hair up in a bun. Matt observed him cleaning out his electric lawnmower while it was still plugged in. Somehow, Gollum didn't lose fingers.
I know, it's not the dark blue I lust after, but those are apparently impossible to find. I like this color; my hair was this color a few times. The moonroof is going in this week. It's zippy, has radio controls on the steering wheel, and the dog is banned from riding in it. Oh, and at night, the dash lights are red and purply-blue! So cool!


Autumn said...

She's a Brick Haaaouse...in front of a brick house, whoa. Seriously though, it's a sweet ride girl!

raquel said...

LOL!!! autumn...you are too funny! well, we are just one and the same in humor. once i saw allison posted the new car pic, i wanted to comment..."she's a brick. hauouse." and i get into the comments section and see you did the exact same thing. i'm LMAO as i write! i couldn't believe it!!!

Amy Rozeboom said...

I just bought a 4 door in copper red mica about 2 months ago...I can attest to the ride's sweetness.

(I wanted a 5 door lava orange, but apparently that's so 2005)

alexis said...

Is that the Mazda3? SA-WEET.
Nice color babe.
Watch out for the fuzz.

Shannon said...

Very sexy ride! Wow!