Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fun With Crabs

I realized I haven't posted an actual diary entry in a while, so here you go, folks.
As for the list of things I want to do this summer, well, I still don't have a car. Don't ask about anything else.

April 29th, Wednesday

Dear Bonnie, The name of my family's cherished marmalade tabby who died this winter!
Today I was holding my hermit crab right after I gave him a bath, and he grabbed ahold of me and pinched! I was in major pain, but after about 30 seconds, he let go and fell into the sink.
Today I really let off at CT today in lunch. She said she had wanted to talk, but she didn't, so I said, "That's why I never talk to you. You say you want to talk but you never do, so I talk to Lexi because she is more interesting than you and that's why you think she's trying to take me and AD away!"
She didn't say anything.
"Al" to my friends.
I will admit that I used both a period and an exclamation point in my last quote. I will also admit that somehow I spelled "pinched" without an "n".
To bathe a hermit crab, you merely hold them in the sink while letting the faucet run lightly over your palm. Do not turn it on full force. Do not blast your crustacean with cold water, as he will grab onto your palm flesh for security. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but that really hurt.
And, was CT a man? How many stupid boyfriends have you had who said, "I want to talk" but then don't say anything worthwhile?
Was it only in Pennsylvania that friends could "take" you away from other friends? Was I merely a pawn? Lexi WAS more interesting, mainly because she wasn't a scary freak. She had a cool house with a deck on every floor. I'm a sucker for decks. Her mom was a good cook. We made dollhouses together. She had carpet in her room, which I always wanted. And she had a goofy sense of humor, which she hasn't lost. Yay for Alexis!
Now that I'm "grownup", I prefer a nice rug on hardwood floors.
Oh, and it's been one official year since we bought this:


alexis said...

What a cute little house.I just noticed the big "A" over yout front door. Is that why you bought it?

Allison said...

I never noticed that before! I guess I'm too busy carrying in groceries or thinking about going to work.
Very observant!