Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm baacckk

Here's a link to a good pic of the Gypsy Caravan...event on Memorial Day. I like Autumn because she's a positive thinker, but even she was a little dejected after 9 hours of sitting in the Libyan heat. However, she did take some good pics.
So, after all those hours of sewing potholders and mitts, and telling my husband that I'd come out of my sewing room eventually, I was a little let down at my sales at the Caravan. I'm not a complainer, but it was SO hot! I drank like 4 giant lemonades and only had to pee twice! I got sunburned UNDER my tent!
On a good note, I sold 19 oven mitts today at Rock and Roll Craft Show. That's 18 more than I sold on Monday. If you're local, you should go tomorrow.
I have 20 hours of work left before summer vacation. My classroom is pretty much packed and ready to go. I even had Lavell pick all the staples out of the bulletin board.
Time for a list:
20 Things I Plan To Do This Summer (in no particular order)

1. Weed all the purslane out of my garden.
2. Give my demonstration in writing class without getting nervous.
3. Blog each day.
4. Read Alice Sebold's "Lucky" because I loved "The Lovely Bones" all 5 times I've read it.
5. Read young adult literature.
6. Eat healthier.
7. Quilt the Chinese Coin quilt I've had laying around for 6 years.
8. Take a belly dancing class at the YMCA.
9. Go to the YMCA every other day.
10. Kick ass in the flower beds out front.
11. Buy a new car and be able to kiss my old one goodbye.
12. Visit Noel in Connecticut.
13. Talk to my grandmom about her life as a youth in New Jersey.
14. Not wear shoes for 50 % of my day.
15. Drink a lot of homebrewed ice tea.
16. Read.
17. Go to Ted Drewes once a week for the Crater Copernicus sundae and rationalize it by "Well, I'm walking there and back".
18. Hang out with Robin and drink iced mochas and make fun of art quilts.
19. For that matter, drive my new car to the Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.
20. Walk Maggie each morning, like the cool-looking girl who I see walking her two large beagles. I want to make friends with her, but how does a 33 year old make friends? I forget how! What if she thinks I'm a wack job?


Robin said...

I think #18 is a fine idea!

Rivetbob said...

I'm considering taking a belly dancing class too!!! Maybe Dan is right when he says I'm almost as cool as you!

Autumn said...

oo oo I want to make fun of art quilts too! :P

Allison said...

Let's go make fun next week on Monday, or Wednesday after 3:30. I'm totally ready for inspiration.

maitai said...

i love the scion. cute tissue box!