Monday, July 10, 2006

I am St. Patrick.

So, you know how St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland? Well, I've done just that in my garden. For some reason, my sweet little cucumber plants have produced monstrous cukes that would put Ron Jeremy to shame.

No, that is not a cute little fairy's foot, that's my size 7. Yes, those are $1.oo flip flops from Target.

Here is another pic of my fierce garden:
You can see the tomatoes to my right are thinking about taking over. Behind me is the bed frame I found in the trash. The lablab violet vine and morning glory (thanks, Monty!) have formed a fine windblock. In the lower righthand corner is what this little guy turned into:

And the siamese twin cukes? Here's what a month of heat and sun and water will do. Notice that there obviously was a stronger twin. Notice my cute dog wondering why the hell I'm taking art student photos of cucumbers.

And for my final photo, my Green Envy zinnias which bloomed yesterday!


Autumn said...

Guurl, if I had as much basil growing as you, I'd be taking a bath in pesto...with cucumber slices on my eyes of course :)

Shoes said...

Damn! My first year my garden was the shiznit and this year its just shit. Hope your's still is kicking ass.