Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No excuses

*blowing dust off Blogger Dashboard*
I'm not even going to explain what has kept me from blogging, because there' s no good reason. I'm just lazy as hell.
But, I have been sewing a lot, in preparation for Strange Folk and the next Rock and Roll Craft Show.
Here's what I made today:

A nice roll, although I wish it was sushi, cause I'm hungry.

Open, sesame!

DPN pocket, which is a real pocket.

Close up of outside. I love polka dots. I love Asian things. I love them together.

Another close up.

So, this is only a sample. I'd like to incorporate more patchwork into the flap and pockets. I didn't need any batting, cause the layers of fabric are cushy enough. Hopefully I can come up with some brilliant idea to use up at least half of one of my scrap tubs. *sigh*


maitai said...

hooray! me likey! i want to request a print in something greenish and purplish! :)

ps - did that pocket used to sit on my bum??

Allison said...

Sadly, the pocket is from my capris which I was avoiding cutting up. I'm out of denim, and they're kinda tight in a gross way, so snip snip snip!

raquel said...

yummy design. when can we expect to get our hands on said design?

Robin said...

I want one! I'll make sure all of my knitting friends want them, too.