Friday, May 19, 2006

Where I've Been

If I could find the digital camera, I'd post pics, a la Blogity, to show you what my sewing room looks like. Imagine if a bomb went off in Hancock Fabrics, but didn't kill/hurt anyone or ruin any of their great fabric.
Beqi gifted me with another bag of scraps to add to the BOX of scraps she gave me for my birthday, which was in January.
I have barely touched the boxes of fabric in the basement.
I've run out of denim.
I've stopped being neat and am throwing scraps on the floor. They'll get swept up later.
I panicked when I realized I only had 2 Asian-esque potholder sets. They usually are my biggest sellers.
Gypsy Caravan and Rock and Roll Craft Show are in a week. One week! AIE!

Is $8.00 too much or too little? I priced the potholder sets at $11.00 this time. Are more people left or right handed? Will I ever be able to straighten up my sewing room?!!!


matthew said...

Hey,clean that mess up.

maitai said...

what's the difference between left-handed and right-handed potholders? aren't they reversible-ish?

Allison said...

Mai--The underside (the part that touches the hot object) is denim. The part that shows is fancy cotton.
And I did end up finding some denim. It was in a pile...sigh...
I also just vacuumed a huge spider.
The spiders and I have had a talk before about where they can live and when they can come out. Crawling up the wall by the computer is not on that list.
That's one less spider bite I can expect in my sleep, if I sleep at all tonight!

maitai said...

spiders scare me! i meant to bring back a pair of jeans for you to use as you see fit! if i did remember to pack them, do you want them? (yea, i haven't unpacked yet. oops!)

Autumn said...

Oh good I'm not the only one that looks like they had a fabric a-bomb explode in thier workspace. I have some jeans for you too! If you want a comparison on prices, I know I'm going to charge $20 for my wallets and wristlets. I'm also making these little mini-wallets and my Wristicuffs that will go for $8-$12. My bags will be in the $35-$60 range. I think 11 or 12 for your potholders definently!