Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer's Bounty and Beer

Share with me, friends, in the first harvest of the Rabbitt Garden! I was weeding out purslane, and discovered some oddly shaped cucumbers hiding in their leaves. One was Siamese Twinning another one, so I'm letting it/them grow to see what it turns into. I've got a weird fascination with Siamese twins, if you didn't know.
I'll HAVE to make pesto this week, and will take orders. Anyone? Anyone? Perhaps a certain Illinoisian who I'm chillin' with on Friday likes pesto.
Also of note in the garden: the pokeberry plant is taller than me and everything else around it.
My tomatoes are quite leafy, and only have a few green tomatoes.
The pepper is the size of a nickel, and just as cute as you're imagining it.
The dill reseeded and smells wonderful.
Morning glories and purple hyacinth vine are taking over exactly where I wanted them to take over.
My newspaper-as-mulch idea sorta worked. Next year I'll lay down more layers of newspaper instead of just one.
Here is a cute picture of Matt's Beer Delivery Service.

Oh, and here's a shot of my first wedding anniversary present-a birdbath the color of my *sob* old blue Mazda. Note the happy blackbird striking a pose.


raquel said...

if you're offering pesto...yes please!!! i'll even bring you jeans in exchange. or money. hehe! if you'll be at snb sunday, i will gladly accept pesto from you there! let me know what's the dealio!

Robin said...

Does Matt's Beer Delivery Service come to NoCo? And does he offer pesto delivery?

Autumn said...

yum, pesto, I'll bring the cheese tortallini! ;)