Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dull update

So, as fate would have it, here is the excitement of the night: Patrick from the Tower Grove Farmer's Market called me to see if I was available for a taping of the farmer's market by Show Me St. Louis. He said they wanted to interview a vendor, and I was his FIRST CHOICE!!!
But, once again, work drags me down. They're filming at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, when I will be in 5th period/The Henhouse.
Goldang it.

On a brighter note, my dad is driving out on Saturday/Sunday to rebuild our hoosier-fied porch!!! In this pic, can you see the lean? It's like an M.C. Escher drawing. Disregard the crazed moonflower vine, unless you want some seeds.

He's making it just a smidge longer, and infinitely more stable. It's been a long time since I've played helper to Dad on one of his projects. Our family tore down and rebuilt an addition onto our farmhouse, and then we tore down and rebuilt a 3-car garage. We also tore down our barn after a windstorm blew out the side.
I am no stranger to nails or hammers or saws or "Come stand on this board while I run the circular saw mere inches away from your foot".
The other big news is the Tower Grove Harvest Fest this whole weekend. Autumn and I will be selling our wares (if I get any done). Come stop by-I should have some Chrismasy potholders for your holiday delights.
Jeez, I don't think I have one picture where I'm not snarling at the camera. I swear, I look much happier than this!
Oh, and GO CARDINALS!!!!!


Rivetbob said...

hey, I want seeds... But not now, Later. I need somewheres to put them first. So those flowers grow themselves? unlike you and your brother, my thumb is brown and shriveled. Maybe I'll have Dan plant them.

I love the vines!!

You should just build stairs and stairs and stairs and add them to the porch and keep it all M.C. Escher. yeah.

Rivetbob said...

this is your brother speaking...
it was a Blazer or other type of smallish SUV that took out the side of the barn, not a windstorm. Unless you remember something I have repressed. We were on vacation (the only one) in Wyoming, I think, when the incident happened. The thing took down that arrow sign, smashed the barn, drove around it then went on down the road. Uncle Bill came over and kinda closed in the corner with some green shade/blind things. And of course dad disapproved. Not union, ya know...