Tuesday, June 06, 2006

When Poverty's Children Play

This entry sounds like something they'd make us read at work, and then discuss how it relates to our student population.
You'd think that I grew up on a dirt floor chewing on grass and riding a cow. Wait-my uncle broke his back doing just that....well...never mind, then.

Saturday, April 18
Dear Jessy,
Today Dan and I went over to the houses in the woods. In the first house, I found a package with 3 doughnuts in it and at the last house we made a seesaw and played in the puddles in the cellar.
Today Mon, Dan and I spent all morning in Doylestown buying things.
I bought:
1. a basket for Mrs. Colby
2. 2 pairs of stockings
3. a bra
4. candy
5. wooden eggs for my Easter baskets for my friends.
Daniel is still doing the dishes at 9:47 pm. He started about 9 pm. We saw "Raiders of the Lost Ark". I am tired.
Dan and I also painted Easter eggs. I made a bunny (weird drawing here) only it was cute!

We played in puddles? I was how old? WTF? How sad is it that construction sites were considered fun for us? When I say I grew up in the country, I really mean it!
As punishment, and because I was too big to get spanked anymore, Dad made us do the dishes for a certain amount of time. A little lip at the dinner table would get us 2 nights. Causing the other sibling to bleed was a week. Breaking something of Dad's was 2 weeks. Getting grades below a B was a month. How that would help us spend more time on homework, I don't know.
Because I was evil, I'd dirty every piece of silverware in the house if Dan had dish duty. I'd bake cakes, cookies, and use everything that could be washed. I'd volunteer to clean out all the Tupperware containers of forgotten leftovers in the fridge.
Sorry, Dan.

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