Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Few Items

Well, it's the end of summer here in St. Louis. The garden has a mind of its own, and I am not too concerned about its productivity at this point. Scroll down for my delicious carrot harvest!
Testament to how much cargo space a Mazda 3 5-door has. This is a small rocker chair and in front of it is a 3-drawer plastic cabinet. Much thanks to Laurene for helping load and unload it!

A few months ago, Laurene also gave me some bags of top soil. I laid them down in my Kill The Grass Area to, well, kill the grass. Today I flipped them over and found two beautiful slugs. I like how I can see myself reflected in Slug's slime.

Carrot harvest. And check out that gorgeous pepper! It puts store-bought peppers to shame!

Other items to ponder:
1. Why does Loughborough Schnucks attract such a large percentage of Jabba The Hut-like humanoid blobs? I was totally depressed the other day after seeing all the troglodytes cashing their paychecks with their 34 children each. I mean, besides the girl who was on her phone the ENTIRE time I was shopping, and the women in sweatpants and size XXXL faded t-shirts, it was an okay experience. I like my Schnucks. But Jesus, what a downer otherwise!

2. What did I do before iced coffee?

3. Who wants to come harvest all my basil and make my pesto?

4. Who wants green bean seeds for next year?

5. Why do my neighbors insist on letting their yard grow to a foot tall? The newspaper on their porch finally disappeared/decomposed, but the gas tank is still there, surrounded by weeds. Plus, why do they leave their kitchen light on all night long so it shines into our bedroom?

Just some thoughts, folks. Enjoy this perfect day!


laurene franco said...

omg. we had 5 bt sandwiches on rustic italian bread on Sunday night, just between the two of us. Dan wanted to know where the hell I had gotten the sweet delicious tomatoes...they were flipping unbelievable. perhaps a small organic farm is in your future! kudos green girl!

Allison said...

Oh yeah (Kool Aid Man!), those tomatoes are killer. We had BLT's last night and they were just sinfully delicious! Gotta love compost!