Sunday, October 12, 2008

Defiance....Missouri, that is...

It can't be a bad day when this is what you see first thing in the morning.

So, we're all back from our weekend in Defiance. Maggie went with us and had a great time too. Yesterday we rode scooters to Hermann/Drunk Fest 2008, Missouri.
Look at the girl in the back. Click on the photo to see the silver SEQUINED racer-back tank top she's wearing. I couldn't tell if it was attached to the outer shirt. Each time she leaned over, we totally saw her boobs. She was wearing a nude bra, and at one point, I could see between her boob cleavage and the bra.
The whole Oktoberfest experience just reminded me of my drunken post-college days. Slightly embarrassing to think, "good lord, was I THAT girl?"
But I did get to see a coal train go through Hermann and a girl in a Penn State t-shirt.

From Hermann, we rode to Swiss, Missouri, for the renowned Swiss Meat Company.

Here is what Maggie and I found this morning on a 7 am walk to the lake at the property where we were staying.
Beautiful misty meadows....

A pale green spider in a dew-enhanced web...

And the aforementioned lake. Unfortunately, the ducks flew away, but the fish were jumping.

Then, we sat and watched a flock ( A FLOCK!!) of bluebirds. Life couldn't be much better right now, even with my sewing anxieties and other life issues. All one needs is a 7 am walk to a lake with your dog, a flock of bluebirds and a 1971 camper trailer to sleep in, curled up with your honey and the dog.

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Elizabeth Frick said...

Lovely, lovely!
That picture of the spider web totally kicks ass.