Monday, September 29, 2008


A million zillion thanks to everyone who came to Strangefolk, bought something from me, and have now found my blog.
(Alice, I need you to contact me.)

Some high points:

1. On Saturday, Matt and Maggie came along. They both had a nice nap, which was photographed by a roving photographer. Is there anything cuter than an aging punk rocker and an aging boxer/pit bull mix snoozing in the shade? Didn't think so.

2. Laurene sold a yeti!

3. Meeting people who knew my husband "when".

4. The totally perfect weather.

5. Chillin' with the Cranky Yellow boys.

6. Coffee frappes.

7. Having a booth in the shade.

8. Being able to now buy a new television. Our current one has a big yellowish blob on the screen. We're so used to it by now, but you know, the HD and all that.

9. Selling out of my Halloween pinup mitts. Mitts must be the wave of the future.

10. Matt helped me set up and take down. God bless the child!

11. Receiving bags of scraps from Curious Cat Clothing. Thanks for thinking of me! Your fabric rocks cocks!


Senora Muertos said...

Strangefolk rocked didn't it!
Thanks for the trade. I love the Witch pin up mitt.

Elizabeth Frick said...

So wait a minute??? OLIVE didn't make the highlights?! ;)
And yay, new TV!!!