Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Potholder Racket, or, Eat My Shorts, Denyse Schmidt!

Some cities' organized crime families run things. The garbage, school milk, newspaper vending machines, etc.
I run the potholder racket in St. Louis. And, I've moved on to bigger and better things, namely MITTS!
The pictures you are about to see will thrill you. They may excite you. But I must warn you, these mitts are merely prototypes. Because I sometimes don't have a lot of common sense, I pieced a ton of mitt tops before testing to see how they would turn out. I had to have a stern talk with the free arm of my sewing machine to get the cuff bindng on. Apparently, the Singer wasn't listening. So, my mistake is your mitt. They will be on sale for $7.oo at Gypsy Caravan and The Rock and Roll Craft Show.
However, if you can give me a good reason why you need one and you'll promise to give me field test results, I'll mail it to you.

And you Saudis who keep looking for babes or hot blogger babes, you're in the wrong alley.
This is Squaresville territory.

For all you lefties out there:

And for the rest of you:

I was remiss in not giving a shout-out to Poppymom who alerted me to Denyse Schmidt's foray into housewares! Here is a link to the email that started it all.

And just as a disclaimer-I'd probably really like Denyse if we met. Her sense of color and shape is just the same as mine. The only difference is that I do all my quilting by my hand-I don't ship my quilts off to the Amish. *sniff*


Poppymom said...

Ahem. Where did you find the prototype pattern? Go on. Tell the nice people.

Love 'em! I've got several yards of that green striped, martini-drinking, cig-smoking Jackie O fabric that I keep meaning to turn into a purse. Apparently, snapping my fingers at it and yelling, "Be a purse! C'mon! Be a purse!" doesn't work.

Will definitely see you at R&R

Rivetbob said...

So, I'm forced to ask; Does the back of the left handed potholder look like a right handed potholder?? how do you tell them apart?

Allison said...

RB-The backs (the part that'll get hot in herrrre) is denim. Denim is my friend.