Saturday, May 06, 2006

100 Things I Like, No Order

One rainy summer night in Boston, Kate, Monty and I made a list of the Best Things In Life. And not all of them were free, mind you.

1. Rainy summer nights
2. Tea, hot or cold
3. Coffee, hot or iced
4. The smell of clean babies
5. The song of robins
6. My garden
7. My dog
8. Bubble gum
9. Peanut M&Ms
10. New York City
11. Chicago
12. Boston
13. Bratwurst and Bud at the ballpark
14. New Order
15. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
16. The smell of my parents' house
17. Spring peepers
18. Snow at night
19. a Korean dish called something like Bim Bap
20. Red wine
21. Beautiful sunsets
22. Seeing shooting stars
23. Findng a cool vintage sweater that fits perfectly and doesn't smell weird
24. Quilting
25. Fabric
26. My grandmother's house
27. Laying in the grass looking at the sky
28. Clean sheets (I've been on a Descendents kick)
29. Hearing a favorite song on the radio
30. Singing like a madwoman in traffic
31. Hot chocolate
32. Lemon bars
33. My parents' surviving cat, Clyde, who is very old
34. Volunteer tomato plants
35. Finding an active bird's nest
36. Irises
37. Creme brulee
38. Salmon (hmm...can I name 100 foods I like?)
39. Good hair days
40. Sleeping with the dog when M. is working overnight
41. Thunderstorms
42. My now old car
43. Finding vintage sewing books at thrift stores
44. Thrift stores
45. Cassette tapes
46. Indian food from Standard India on Belmont in Chicago
47. Cambridge, MA
48. Findng the first plant to come up in the spring
49. The smell of fall
50. Good dreams
51. Sterling silver
52. My hot glue gun scar
53. Hex sign tattoos
54. All things Amish
55. Music from Romania
56. Music from Brazil
57. Snickers bars
58. Nutty Buddies
59. Naps
60. When I used to ride my bike around Boston with Kate
61. Colored pencils
62. The Smiths
63. My wedding ring
64. Knitting in public
65. What Not To Wear
66. Walking the dog
67. When my betrothed tinkers with his scooter
68. Vintage jewelry
69. Seeing former students who are now tolerable individuals
70. Post Its
71. A warm breeze
72. Asian interior design
73. Art Nouveau
74. Swing music
75. The way the floor in Grandmom's quilting room slants
76. The church I used to attend
77. Cemetaries
78. Purple pens
79. A good Italian hoagie
80. The ice cream man
81. Van Halen
82. Mittens
83. Toads
84. Reading for hours in the summer
85. Summer vacation
86. Podunk towns in southern Missouri
87. The quilt museum in Paducah, Kentucky
88. Pulled pork sandwiches
89. Montana
90. My old house at Peter's Corner
91. Fresh cut grass
92. The smell of drying hay
93. Homegrown tomatoes
94. Zinnias
95. Moonflowers
96. My loyal orchids which bloom for 5 months
97. Being born in January
98. The idea of dowsing, which supposedly my grandfather could do
99. Watching my students get excited about reading
100. The shirt I'm wearing which Kate gave me (raglan sleeve grey and navy 3/4 sleeve)


matthew said...

oh yeah, here's my list (no order and as many as I could think of):

1. thunderstorms
2. finishing graduate school
3. blue bird tattoos
4. my dice ashtray
5. my iBook
6. my Essential Johnny Cash record
7. Blade Runner
8. the sound of the sewing machine when I'm reading a book
9. the swiss army watch I got from my dad
10. my wedding ring too
11. the way the flag on the front of the house sounds when it blows in the wind
12. a properly dialed in carb on my scooter
13. the way the rain hits my face when I stand on the beach at midnight in the middle of winter looking for my lucky star, as long as the beach isn't in Alabama and as long as it's not raining acid rain.

Anonymous said...

That picture of the church is not flattering at all. Wrong angle, bad lighting and it's like from fall... get some green in there! Where's Ned Harrington when you need him?