Sunday, May 07, 2006

Close Encounter of the Third Kind

April 8, 1987

Dear Annie,
Today I talked to BC in health. he says I am sexy. HA!
But in comparison, he also calls L. a FOXY babe! And he pulls her hair and calls her "gorilla". But he is nice, sort of, and H. thinks that he is cute. But, she also says he humps dogs. Bye!

Holly always had the wittiest turns of phrase. She was probably the funniest person I knew at the time. I hadn't started talking to Chris Joy yet, but he was also one funny motherfucker, in a delightfully cynical way.

April 9th, 1987
Dear Myrtle,
I am obsessed with "With or Without You" by U2. I need that tape! Whenever I hear that song, I think of me and "Keith" dancing together. (Or someone else. BC)
One of my fantasies is that Keith will move into one of the houses across from us in the woods. Then he would be at my official bus stop. He and I would go to all the dances and my friends would actually envy me because he would slow dance w/me. And he would be cute, slim, funny and also a sports person. He wouldn't have eyes for any other girls in his grade, only for me. I guess it's really stupid of me to keep on loving him. Even now with BC. BC doesn't even take his place. (But of course Keith didn't try anything. He wouldn't have anyway.)
I think BC has feelings for me. At the next dance, if he is there, he better dance with me. Maybe even slow dance!

Jesus, the real Allison shows up! Keith was my neighbor from the time I was in kindergarten to about 4th grade. I have no idea why I mentioned him after 5 years. I may have seen him in a restaurant in my old town. When I first met him, he was a year older than me. I had a huge crush on him, and I think he was the first boy I kissed. I had a coloring book of Barbie Gets Married or something, and I turned to the "Kiss The Bride" page to get an idea of what we should be doing. Luckily, the coloring book did not have "Barbie drinks too much at her wedding and pukes all over her Vera Wang".
And of course Keith didn't try anything-he was 8 or 9!
It kills me that I said "my friends would actually envy me". You can see how far down the totem pole I was. Why I wanted a "sports person" is beyond me. I guess it was a criteria because everyone at my school was into one sport or another. There were only 300 of us from grades 7 to 12, so we each wore many hats. Our cheerleading team never had tryouts. If you wanted to join, you were in. I myself was on the hockey team for a few weeks. I also was in Ski Club, Yearbook and Band.
BC, if you somehow come across this.....I am not ashamed. I liked you, big deal. So I obsessed a teensy tiny little bit. Just don't bring it up if I ever see you again!

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