Monday, May 15, 2006

April 12, 1987

April 12, 1987

Dear Louanne,
Sorry about the past few days, but they were BORING.
C. slept over the 10th. We watched Grease. Saturday was hot and boring. I let these kids in who wanted to take a picture of themselves in a bathtub for a scavenger hunt. My parents had a weird fit. They didn't yell at me or anything.
Today I played my flute in church. I did okay.

Betsey told me Mike W. asked her out.

The moral here? Strangers who you let into your house will not always kill you and leave your body in a ditch.
Ah, Betsey....she was 2 grades above me and went to my church. She was like the older sister I didn't have. We bonded like white on rice. She was funny and sarcastic, I was funny and sarcastic. We liked U2. We thought one of the other girls in Youth Fellowship was a moron. We'd leave notes in eachother's lockers. Good times, that Betsey.

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