Friday, May 05, 2006

Babes In the Woods

April 4, 1987,
Dear Corinne,
Hi. Today Steve and Sue got married. So, Mom and Dad were gone from 5 pm to after we were in bed. Dan and I went over into the woods and our sneakers were covered with mud. Icky poo! Nothing much happened Sunday.

Now, the odd thing about this, is that while visiting my parents at Christmas, I read the Christmas card Steve sent them. He felt the need to let them know, in a Christmas card, that Sue was not sure if she still wanted to be a wife and a mother to their 3 boys. Merry Christmas!
Steve was a childhood friend of my dad's. I guess he'd be in his fifties now.
When I was little, he'd come over every Sunday morning for coffee and to help renovate our house. He always had a knife in a sheath on his belt. I had a minor crush on him. He liked messing around with my brother and I-holding us upside down, tickling us, telling us crazy lies about monsters he'd seen in our house. We loved him.
He met a chiropractor named Sue, who we also loved the first time we met her. I remember she had dyed blonde big hair. She was a little New Age, but my dad liked her anyway, because she teased him.
Apparently, things change a lot when you're hitched and fertile. They always seemed like the perfect couple.

April 6, 1987
Dear Andrea,
Today we started a new marking period. I have Spanish, Graphics (ick) and typing instead of study hall! Waahhh!
But I love the typing room. It's half underground, so the bottom of the windows are at ground level. It's fun.
BC is in my Spanish and graphics class. Everytime I look at him, he's looking right back at me. Eeeuuuhhh! Probably thinking of how far he could go with me. How far? Not an inch!

In graphics class, we made several kinds of prints, such as etching glass and linoleum. We got to use pencils that were NOT No.2, which was a treat. It involved a lot of measuring and line drawing. Graphics class was the only class I got kicked out of. I was wearing a green calico prairie skirt with lace along the hem. As this was the new fashion, I was feeling cute. After being told to be silend, I whispered to L. "Did he say a half inch or 5/8ths?"
Mr. Pickett freaked out and told me to go the office. The class fell into shocked silence. Allison had never been sent to The Office.
"What?" I asked.
"Go to the office-I'm tired of telling you to stop talking."
I looked around the room, thinking this was a dream. Nobody breathed. I heard the clock tick. I picked up my notebooks and purse and walked through the silent hallways.
"What are you doing here?" Mr. Bright said.
"Mr. Pickett told me to come to the office," I whispered. Only the older kids ever got into trouble.
Mr. Bright gave me a speech about how we have 3 holes in our face, and one should be shut during class. That's the mouth, if you didn't know.
Graphics. It's a hoot!

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