Saturday, April 22, 2006

Where I Got My Love of the Limelight

I get nervous talking to adults, especially groups of adults. In high school, I often had flute solos (shut up, you pervert) because I was First Flute (the best). I'd stress out for weeks before the concert where everyone in attendance would look at their programs and see that it was Allison Walker who was so royally screwing up. One time in church, I was scheduled to play "Greensleeves", one of my favorite Christmas songs because it's so melancholy. Long story short, I blew it, and was completely embarrassed to show my face at the coffee social that always came after church. I've only told Matt the full story of that fateful Advent Sunday because it was so painful.
Yet, if I'm making people laugh, I don't mind speaking to a crowd of thousands. One problem I have with teaching is that I like making kids laugh, which usually has nothing to do with the curriculum I'm paid to teach.
But if the audience is enjoying MY words and MY humor, it's golden. I think that's why I like blogging. Even if I don't get any comments from you all, I still amuse myself.

April 1, 1987

Dear Sally,
Last night I babysat Kathryn.
Yesterday C. and me made up! She thought I was paying too much attention to LW. And she says H. is immature!
Today in music, H., AM, and VS and I did our skit. It was: fabulous, outstanding, terrific, great, extraordinary and definitely talent show material! If only H. and AM wanted to!
BC tried to feel out my arm today. He has an earing in his left ear.
I majorly cleaned my room today! It's grrreat!

Okay, who the hell was Kathryn?
I think the skit was a workout show where I was the Richard Simmons-esque instructor. Methinks we actually did perform it at the Talent Show that year, shortly before Ween took the stage. Yes, Ween played at our talent shows. My brush with fame.
Here's a photo for your enjoyment. This explains why I am going straight to Hell.
The other windmill-looking statues are the stations of the cross. This was taken in Groom, Texas. I think the photo of Jesus' s hands holding a fetus was too creepy and we deleted it.

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