Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My street sucks

Totally off-blog idea...
I just talked to my old upstairs neighbor who informed me that the corner store I used to go to is now becoming a micro-brew and deli sandwich shop! And the dry cleaner at the corner (next door to old house) is becoming a breakfast/lunch/wine/coffee shop.
Meanwhile, I BOLT out of the house when I hear the neighborhood kids yelling "ICE CREAM MAN!! ICE CREAM MAN!!" I run down the street to the van, and take my place in line. I could have given birth to each and every kid in front of me.
Where's my quaint corner deli? What about my coffee shop? I now go to Starbucks with no reservations about how they drive out mom and pop operations. Nary a qualm, I tell you, NARY A QUALM.
And speaking of words that start with Q, one of the aforementioned neighborhood kids is named Qais! It's like saying k-ice. How cool is that? I love diversity!
And local coffee shops :(


Robin said...

You must tell me where the cool new places are going in!

Anonymous said...

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Allison said...

No spammy trolls allowed. Witty comments only!

Autumn said...

You know when extra cash is not "nice"? When you make it by ripping people off with stupid get rich quick scams! Ahhg!

Anyhoo, I was going to say that when I worked at Dick Blick, we convinced an Ice Cream man to pull up to our store every day during the summer. It must have looked very odd to our customers to see all of us employees darting out the front door to get our Bugs Bunny Ice Cream Bar fix.