Wednesday, April 19, 2006

March 28, 1987

This day's entry was so boring, I'll have to give you 2. It's a ROGO sale! Read one, get one free!

March 28, 1987
Dear Alexandra,
Hi. Today was a hectic day for yours truly. I rode down to Carversville, fooled around with the daffodils, polished bapkin rings. I'm very tired.

Just for the record, I meant "puttered" for "fooled" around. There was no kinky stuff going on. And for those of you who are not aware of the joy of puttering around, it is the act of wasting time not doing much of anything. I am the queen of puttering. I get it from my mother, who collects figural napkin rings.

March 30, 1987
Dear Roberta,
My ear is in pain, as well as my feelings. Today at lunch, C. didn't want to sit with me or H., because she wants the "ultimate group". I told LW that she (C.) sounds like Hitler. If she can' t cope with H.'s and mine faults, then tough! She wants us to be like her! No way in hell!
Her idea of the perfect group is: AD (okay, well, nice), AM and C.. She was telling this to LW and she didn't even include LW!
She is an asshole!
Now she hates me for no reason!
Broken-hearted Allison
Here I drew a little scene of stick figure girls, one of whom has her nose in the air and the other is reaching out her arms to the nose in the air one. I never was an artist.

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