Saturday, April 22, 2006

Please register!

Hi folks.
Due to the "make $900 extra a month" twit who keeps leaving comments, I am forced to force you to register or join my team if you'd like to comment. I don't know how either work, but hopefully you do.
And since my car has a cracked water pump, and is not worth getting fixed, I'm in the market for a new car. I'd like a Protege3 wagon or a Scion box. Any comments along those lines are also helpful.
Here's a pic to appease you:

This is what happens when the alternator (in your husband's car) goes out and you're in the Petrified Forest in Arizona. I wish I had a photo of the Freakin' Hot Greasy Tow Truck Man Marty for you. He was a beefcake!

"It's 108 in the shade! I'm so glad our car broke down on our honeymoon! This bodes well for the marriage!"


maitai said...

you get comment spam because your blog is "public." if you make it so that blogger is not notified when you publish a post, you won't get these anymore! i had the same problem!

if you change this, you won't be able to show your blog in your blogger profile.

Poppymom said...

I have a picture like that of me from my honeymoon in Colorado! Our battery died, but the schiesters at the auto shop tried to convince us it was the alternator without checking the battery. Um, no. Check the damn battery. Made for a long, ugly day.

I can't offer advice on your car options, but I'd go for the Mazda 3.

Autumn said...

Ok Missy...lemme guess, you have tragically sewn yourself to your machine. Matt hasn't noticed any change in your routine since you are normally sewing every waking moment, and mistakes your cries for help as enthusiastic sarcasm. You are probably starting to wonder if shredded denim will suffice as a may be devoid of essential vitamins, but atleast you're getting the recomended daily fiber intake!

Allison said...

Autumn, your words are so close to the truth. I've spent more time in my sewing room than in the rest of the house!
But I've got mitts!

raquel said...

remember my toaster on wheels comment? that was about the scion box...but in your could become a business write-off. two humongo pot holders could be "sticking" out the top...kinda like toast, only better...i know it's a crazy idea, but hey...i'm kinda crazy like that!