Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In which I prove myself to be a giant flaming dork

Dear readers, please go gentle on me when reading the following. I was newly 14. I had bad glasses (a trait I later used as an excuse to not date a great guy). My hair was a few months away from being sheared, leaving a pixie cut that looked great on everyone but me. It made me look like a boy. A 10 year old boy. With ugly glasses. Keeping that in mind, read on.
February 20, 1987
Nothing interesting happened yesterday. But, today was a very good day!!
1. CT and I are now Ace Detectives in our computer game and Interpol wants us to have an asumed name! But, the bell rang, so...
2. I got almost (1 wrong) all my algebra right!
3. I won 3rd prize in the Famous Nerds In History contest!! I get a Guiness Book of World Records 1987! I know it's not that exciting, but still, I won it out of all the people who entered in my age category.
Well, I guess that's all. I have a babysitting job tomorrow night until 10:30.
Mom is taking us to Jamesway tomorrow to do a little shopping (yarn, stockings, toys, etc)
Love, the usual -Me!
I know what you're thinking. " I had no idea that Allison was the 1987 third prize winner of the Nerds Candy "Famous Nerds In History" contest. My entry was Archimedes, who upon discovering water displacement, jumped out of his bathtub and streaked through the streets of wherever. The postcard announcing my victory is still in my diary.
I forgot that Jamesway sold yarn. My first bra was bought there. My dad played Donkey Kong there. In my high school, a common taunt was "Your clothes come from Jamesway!". Mine often did, but I denied it.
And yes, in study hall, my pals and I would get the large floppy disc (No, really, it was one of those huge floppy discs for the first Apple computers) of "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" from the librarian and sleuth our way out of New Hope, PA. Like I said, I was 14, and this was the sole computer game I would ever be good at, except, of course, Tetris.

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