Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The best day of 8th grade

I had gotten a job babysitting the 5 or so month old son of a woman who lived across the street from my grandparents. The idea was that if anything went horribly wrong, I could run across the street to Grandmom. She was going to night school to be a paralegal. She kept frozen breast milk in the freezer, and never had any good snacks. I remember the baby cried a lot. This might have been my first solo babysitting job for an actual baby.
The reader needs to know that in the Walker household, we all go to bed wicked early, and get up wickedlier early. My dad worked sheet metal jobs in Philadelphia, which was about an hour and a half away. My mom cooked him breakfast and made his lunch before 5:30 each morning. Therefore, 11 PM was ungodly.
Also please note that I refer to my ugly purse as "junk".
February 18, 1987
Well, today was unbelievably great, cool, rad, etc. BW gve me ALL my junk back and now ignores me. I went babysitting for MN and I got back at 20 of 11! So now Dad says I can't babysit anymore! And he's the one who wants money in my bank account! Well, exactly how am I to rebuild my accound when I get no money? I can't figure out M. All I know is that:
1. She's 28.
2. She says John (baby) is everything in the world to her.
3. She loves cats.
4. She's rich.
5. John is going to be so spoiled when he grows up because she pampers him soo bad.
6. She has a picture of her ( I guess) and some other dude in her window so I don't know if she's married or not, maybe separated.
Well, that's all folks,

BW never once mentioned my father's thinly veiled threats to him. Nowadays, there'd be a lawsuit before you could say "your dad did what?" He did leave me alone the rest of the year, but not everyone else did. 8th grade sucked big time.

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