Saturday, February 04, 2006

Feb. 23, 1987

This is a short diary entry. Apparently I had nothing monumental to write about. BW had started avoiding me, and I didn't have a Crush of the Week. But this entry is humorous in what it represents: crafting and bad fashion trends.

Feb. 23, 1987
Well, yet another late night. Mom and I were down at Grandmom's knitting. I'm gonna make a shaker sweater. I have to take my shower in the morning. Good night.

For the shaker sweater link, you'll have to scroll down to see the sweater I wanted to knit. Keep in mind, my body measurements were probably...29, 26, 26.5. The yarn I bought (remember Jamesway's shopping trip?) was a medium blue, country blue, dusky blue, etc. I got about 10 inches into the sweater and lost interest. Knitting sweaters is just not exciting unless you've got cool yarn or a cool pattern.
My mom eventually took over the knitting, and finished a sweater with sleeves like those dancing windsock people auto dealerships set up to lure customers in. It fit her, and then some!
So, 15 years later, I go into Knitorious for supplies for a sweater. What color do I walk out with? The very same country blue. Hey-it looks good on me! Where is the finished sweater? Still on stitch holders, snuggled into a basket in the living room. Coffee cup cozies are much more fun.
Some things never change. What was your first knitting project?

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