Monday, February 06, 2006

Turn around, bright eyes

And here's 80's songbird Bonnie Tyler, with her hit, Total Eclipse of the Heart!

February 27, 1987
Oh I am so depressed. BW is moving to Virginia! Never again ( I think) will I see that face that I hated but secretly loved! I called him and he sounded so depressed. I told him I was sorry for everything and he said he was sorry. I gave him my address and phone # (215-297-5859 It was a nice, even, soft number. I loved it) . We were talking about younger brothers and sisters. He has a younger sister, 9, who lives in CA with his mom. He said that Dan and his sister should get together sometime. He better write! CT and I were so sad at lunch because AF and FB made a bye-bye sign and Bryan said we all danced great. He danced with me at one of our dances! I remember he said he didn't know how to dance so I showed him and we danced to TAKE ON ME! I wish he was still here! WWWWAAAAAHHHHHHH!

If this had happened in 2006, my phone number would have been blocked, due to my dad's threatening phone call a few days earlier.
And Oh Sweet Jesus, I can only imagine what I looked like dancing, especially to A-Ha's hit song Take On Me. I recall it involved a lot of interpretive arm motions. I also remember dancing to "Dancing With Myself" by my other husband, Younger Billy Idol. That incorporated some jumping/spinning moves usually seen on an ice rink. This dance lesson must have been in the end of 7th grade, when BW was new to school. He sat behind me in Mr. Brabson's class due to the alphabetical nature of our names. We wrote notes to eachother.
The sign was printed on a dot matrix printer using Printshop. The paper had little holes along the edge where it was fed through the printer.
And WHY was I so upset?! WHY did I give him my address (R.D. #2, Doylestown, PA 18901 from before we all got street numbers. I told you I grew up in the country. )??? WHY did I apologize??? Was I an idiot?
No, I was just 14 and dealing with hormones. They hit a lot earlier than any other sign of puberty did. I'm still waiting for my boobies to grow.
I still love Take On Me, though. Maybe I can find the tape on Ebay and have a dance party in my house. With Myself.
Other memory associated with that song: Miku (he wasn't Asian, it was a nickname for Mikhail, which was somehow German) singing "When I get a chance, I pull down my pants and I'm a-playing with myself, oh oh oh" in the library in 6th grade. Of course Mrs. Anderson heard him, and he got in trouble, but not before we heard his rendition of One Night In Bangkok. Ahem. "One night sucking a !!!! makes my bathroom smell, If you don't believe me come and take a whiff". Yes, I'm snickering uncontrollably as I type this; it's okay if you do as well.
I wonder what ever happened to Miku. The last time I saw him was 1993 and we were at the WaWa in New Hope. He looked pretty burned out, but we chatted for a bit about the band he was in.

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