Monday, February 09, 2009

Good Stuff Updates

Crap, I have how many days to catch up on? I am such a I really want a baby?

Today: Umm....Maggie and I had a nice early evening walk in the rain. Otherwise, it was a nice warm day and my students were in a good mood.

Sunday: MIL made yummy bean soup for us. I went to an estate sale and scored some perfect 1950's curtains AND a box of blue Shiny Brite glass Christmas tree ornaments. The box is in perfect condition and the balls are just a smidge scratched. These people didn't know what they had!
Saturday: Matt left for Chicago at 5:30 am. Alecia and I went to Leftovers and I got a treasure trove of pencils and fabrics. Leftovers Lady told us a sob story of how they need money, so get thee there and buy something, already! It was super warm and we drove with the windows down.
I went grocery shopping at 6 pm and was one of the few sober people in the store. The guy behind me in line reeked of alcohol. When does one have to start drinking to get that drunk so early?

I also saved $8.44 in coupons, thank you very much. Cocoa roasted almonds are my new favorite things, although it was fun to let my students taste wasabi and soy sauce almonds. It was a new, hot experience for them, and they made funny faces.

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Senora Muertos said...

Oooh, 1950's curtains, shiny vintage ornaments and wasabi and soy almonds. I'm jealous!