Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fame and Fortune is a Game I Play

Hello, my faithful 3 readers...
Next Saturday, you have the chance to meet me at the Missouri History Museum's Swap O-Rama!
Not only will I have a rack of my own refashioned clothes for inspiration, but I will be doing short workshops on how to turn your cherished old punk rock tee shirts, or whatever, into a cozy tee shirt quilt. Aaaannnnd, I may even be manning a sewing machine to assist attendees with their own refashions!
You know I love thrift, frugality and repurposing, so this event really has my name all over it.
You'll need a bag of old, unwanted, yet CLEAN clothes to get in. Once in, you can sort through other folks' castoffs and find something you love! If it needs an applique, or ribbon button placket or to be taken in, you can consult with an alteration expert and do it right there and then!
This event is all part of the George Washington Carver exhibit that is going on now. He was all up in inventing and reusing, plus creating my favorite food, peanut butter.
In fact, I ate a peanut butter sandwich with a bowl of chili today, and let me tell you, my husband's scooter mechanic knows his food! Tony Bourdain, I dare you to try that combination!

Good Things:
1. I beat Matt at bowling today.

2. Estate sale yesterday yielded the vintage linen napkins I had been hoping for. It also yielded 1930's apple green curtains, a stack of craft and Better Homes and Gardens magazines from 1957 to 1973, an appetizer tray to match the 2-tiered one I already had, and a sweet little 1961 book about birds, with gorgeous, haven't-seen-the-light-of-day-in-40-years drawings.

3. The forsythia branches I cut last week are beginning to bloom inside.

4. I found a new band I like: The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. Total 80's American twee pop and I love them dearly. I even think Tiny Montgomery would enjoy some of their tunes, twee aside... Emusic describes them as the soundtrack to the last day of school before summer vacation of your 16th year. I'm sold! If it's heart-wrenching, I love it.

5. I have decided to go ahead and get the recannulization procedure, just in case Someone's variocele surgery shows success. Wait a minute...perforating my tubes? And the word "tried" is spelled wrong! can something that sounds like "cannoli" be bad?!

6. I have tomorrow off!


Elizabeth said...

Yay for tomorrow off! And I hate to break it to you, but I have a feeling this procedure will be a tad different than cannoli. But yahoo for you! Bring on the babies!!! Olive needs a crafty buddy.

Cat Pick said...

Where was the sale? If you have an mp3 of the band, email it to me -- I couldn't get it from the site, for some reason.

Cool on the Swap-o-Rama-Rama!

Allison said...

It was at Spring and Alberta, and had more Jesus and Mary statues than you could shake a stick at.
And, tons of enamelware, which I passed up :(

Senora Muertos said...

Wow, lots of good stuff! I love Jesus & Mary statues!

Lammyts1 said...

Thanks for the band tip! The two free songs are pretty decent, I'll have to look for more. They remind me a lot of The Wedding Present, ever heard of them?

Allison said...

Ooo, love The Wedding Present, even though I discovered them way too late!

Cat, I don't know if I can email the songs to you. I barely know what I'm doing when I buy stuff from eMusic :(
I'll put Matt on that job.

Matthew said...

Let me correct the record by stating that I was beat on my second game, wherein I turned off my mad bowling skills because I handily beat everyone playing in the first game with a 149. I didn't want to rub everyone's face in my great ability. Tell me you remember that.


Allison said...

Yes, I remember that, but I also remember beating you.

Lammyts1 said...

You may not be too late on the Wedding Present train. David Gedge took a hiatus to form another band called Cinerama (really just Wedding Present 2.0). After a few years he started touring again with The Wedding Present and has released a few more albums. I'll get a disc to Matthew this week with the entire libraries of both bands for you to enjoy. It's good stuff!! They also toured in the states recently but the closest they came was Chicago. They were here a few years ago for a very timely show (long story, I'll explain in person someday) and played at the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill. I saw them a long time ago at the Hi-Pointe around 1990 and my ears rang for two days afterwards. Hands down the loudest show I've ever been to.