Friday, January 30, 2009

January 29 TGS I have said before, I secretly love the bad kids. The Student Who Breaks My Heart Because He Has No Coat gave me a story he wrote while in in-school suspension. It's all one paragraph, but starts off about a boy whose Communication Arts teacher, Mrs. Rabbitt, inspires him because she says she loves reading his stories. The boy then wants to write a 2 page story for her to read.
His (TSWBMYBHHNC) writing is godawful, but damn, if he doesn't come up with some wacky ideas for stories. He is so proud of all of his writing, and I gave him a fancy folder to keep them in, in a secret place in my classroom.
That made me super happy. It seems he is reaching out to us, trying to avoid the gangster lifestyle he is destined for. We just don't want him to bring a gun to school like his brother did, so he gets lots of hugs and compliments.
Yay for being an inspiration!


bev said...

Did Mr. No Coat's brother bring the gun to his elementary school? Don't answer that, it'll get us both in trouble.

I count it among The Good Things about our schools that my son's friends range from a badass mothertucker who used to bully him (how he turned that relationship around is a mystery to me,) to a group of young men who always need pencils - so The Boy keeps a stash in his backpack, to the sons and daughters of local teachers and doctors.

Allison said...

Don't get me started on the pencils....I get them for free at Leftovers and those are all chewed and old and nasty, so I don't mind giving them out.
As long as your son is NOT the badass mothertucker, you're fine. Everybody needs the Bad Influence Friend.