Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why I Love Christmas

1. I like making fabric-based Christmas cards (although that didn't happen this year).

2. Shiny! And sparkly!

3. I have 2 weeks off to get addicted to 90210 reruns and to be mesmerized by Tori Spelling's stiff boob valley (cleavage) and fake tan.

4. My Christmas cactii are blooming. In fact, Lowe's has them on sale for a quarter, but I'll warn you I bought the last 2 healthy ones.

5. People give you things.

6. Eggnog, with or without rum.

7. "My Favorite Things" by John Coltrane.

8. The feeling of giving gifts to my usually overlooked coworkers, like our day custodian and the secretaries. I omitted the evening custodians because they leave the girls' bathroom window open ALL FUCKING NIGHT and then it's like 3 degrees in there in the morning. Shut the damn window already!

9. The first batch of sugar cookies makes me happy. Not the fourth.

10. Christmas fabrics!

11. Remembering the feeling of still believing in Santa Claus.

12. Did I already say SHINY and SPARKLY?


Senora Muertos said...

Yeah, what is it about shiny and sparkly that makes Christmas so wonderful. I ooh and ahh over Christmas lights on houses and love, love, love just looking at our shiny, sparkly, colorful, blinking tree. Now if we had a working fireplace to sit in front of while looking at the tree and sipping cocoa I would be in heaven!

maitai said...

there are so very few reasons why i love christmas :) probably because i don't love christmas at all! this year i hope you are loving it more than you are hating it :)