Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back on the chain gang

One of my diary characters found me and has posted on "Jumping the gun, not rope"! Hi Scott! It makes me sorta nervous about these folks finding me, but it's all in good fun. City Gardens rocked! So dirty and dangerous and full of hot hardcore or punk boys from Jersey...what more could an impressionable, overly smart 18 year old want?

February 21, 1988

See Feb. 18th. Jen called and said that afterschool Friday, a guy named Matt in 10th grade or so, went up to CT and asked her for my phone #. Then he got in a car with mike. I have no idea what's going on. I hope someone cute really does like me. It's about time!

February 22, 1988

CT told me everything. It could be MP! Jen and I are having a t-shirt contest to see who can wear the most obnoxious t-shirt. Yuch. My period is coming around March 1. My stomach hurts already. Everyone is getting sick. H. is on crutches for her knee. Mike went home sick today. Poor dear. Nina was in a bitchy mood today.
See ya,

1. Oh, stupid, stupid 15-year-old almost pains me to think that I was so sprung on Mike! And how sad (and foreshadowing of my love of The Smiths) to read "It's about time!"
Keep in mind, Sassy magazine hadn't come out yet, so I was still a Seventeen and YM disciple.

2. Funny, I don't remember having PMS symptoms as a young lass. I guess I did.

3. How would I know if Mike went home sick? My school wasn't that freakin' small!

4. H. had knee surgery, becoming the first of 3 close friends who had the surgery. Weird...

5. My garden is kicking grass and taking names! Photos to come!

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