Friday, February 01, 2008

Lack of Backbone

There seems to be a recurrent theme in these entries. I had no backbone and never stuck up for myself. C. and others bossed me around and even though I hated it, I never did anything about it.
Fast forward 21 years and I'm bossing 80 seventh graders to within an inch of their lives, eight hours a day. Sometimes I even come home and boss my husband around. I'm making up for lost time, Matt!

May 18, 1087

Hi. We had 4-H tonight and HP kept bossing me around. ARRGGHH!!
Today in gym we did this crab soccer thing for Blue and Gold Night. We usd a big medicine ball. I found 5 cents. Big wip.

1. Yes, yes, I was in 4-H, now stop making fun of me. I can sew better than you because of it, so there.

2. Blue and Gold Night was an evening pep rally at my high school. Kids whose last names started with A through L were gold (or blue, can't remember. Lex?) and the M through Z crowd was blue. We practiced all these "fun" games in gym, then competed against the opposite color team in the evening. I remember it being a lot of fun, even though it was a gym-related activity.
It might sound unmanageable to you all, but my high school was grades 7 to 12, and had about 300 students total. It worked for us.

3. Yes, 5 cents. Ever the thrifty one, I am.

4. You MUST get thee to Indie Valentine tomorrow evening! I will be working the registers and my beloved will be DJing the finest West Coast hard bop and 80's punk/new wave/rock you can shake 2 sticks at.


Alexis said...

Hmmm I want to say we (M-Z) were Gold because something reminds me that Blue won like 6 yrs in a row. I think actually liked Blue and Gold day. Good old-fashioned retarded fun.
But nothing beats an entire semester of badminton. I love that we wore the gym teachers down.

Allison said...

Oh, we rocked badminton!
By the end of the year, Mr. Irwin would throw some balls at us and tell us to play. Anything.