Monday, February 11, 2008

Jumping the Gun, Not Rope

I apologize for not reading ahead in my diary and finding that my earring was...removed...days after the George Michael/My Father/Porch Incident of '87. It is dim in my sewing room, and I can't see very well anyway!

May 29-Friday

Hi. H. is being a massive bitch. It is SO hot! I like JN! I finished Lisa's shorts.

June 2, 1987

Today I woke up to a nice little thunderstorm. The power was off at school for a while. It was neat. My ear is infected and I can't get the earring in. Help me!

June 11, 1987
So I'm irregular, give me a break. Funny events'
1. My bra thoroughly came undone in gym.
2. Today, L. had her Le Clic camera and BC took it and stuck it down his pants! And took a picture of course.

I have no earring in my right ear. I have to get it pierced again. There is a smallish lump in my ear. Very weird. EXAMS! I have been writing to Scott L. under my and on my English desk!

1. come I "couldn't get the earring in"? I guess Mommie Dearest "removed" it, and I tried to put it back in. God, was I stupid.

2. Le Clic!! This incident happened during a break in our exam schedule. We were all funneled into the Old Gym, given sweet treats, and milled around for a while until our next exam. There was so much down time in school; it's a wonder we learned anything. Our teachers must have been drinking.

3. So I'm in English one day, and noticed someone wrote "hi" on the desk. So I replied with "hello". It evolved into a long desktop conversation, which led to me and this stranger leaving notes tucked into the crack where the desk's legs were bolted to the desk. On the last day of school, we revealed our names. It was a totally Good Clean Fun thing, nothing dirty. The guy who I had been writing to was a few grades above me. He was not the handsome stranger who would fall madly in love with scrawny, dorky me, as I had hoped. Scott L. actually lived up the road from me. He later became DJ Scott Lowe on WPST's "Post Modern PST" (seriously, why was this videotaped?) Friday night show, which Lex and I loved. Ah, The Happy Mondays.
And that was it. I thought maybe we'd talk over the summer, since we had quite a relationship via note. We discussed school, why people were such assholes, and how dumb the popular kids really were. But no, it ended in June.

4. My high school started AFTER Labor Day, which is why we were in school on June 11th. Next year, my first day of school is freakin' August 18th. Oh, how times have changed.

5. OMG! Dance to the radio!

6. I would be making $54,780 if I was teaching at my old high school. Christ! Then I could afford the $800,000 house down the street from Grandma.

7. Wasn't it weird how as kids we'd hang out by literally laying around your friend's room listening to the radio? Or, DANCING to the radio?

8. Now I am completely depressed and probably won't get a snow day tomorrow, either :(


Anonymous said...

Hi Allison:

I wanted to leave this note under your desk, but after all this time I wasn't sure which one it was.

It's amazing what you can find on the internet! Your high school diary brings up names I haven't thought about in almost twenty years. I'm sorry we didn't get to talk the following summer. I was probably busy dividing my time between three radio stations. Plus, I was in a band and hanging out at City Gardens; every weekend that was my home away from home, mainly from about ’86-’91. We probably attended a lot of the same shows. If you ever went to a Ween show, perhaps you saw me on stage? I interviewed Happy Mondays at WPST on the day they played that City Gardens show. I got to DJ for a couple of C.G. reunion nights in Trenton, as recently as this past New Year's Eve.

Speaking of Happy Mondays, have you seen the movie, “24 Hour Party People?”

These days, you can hear me on the radio here:

I hope to hear from you again soon.

Scott L.

Allison said...

God bless the Internet! It wasn't until like 1991 that Lexi and I started going to C.G.
And, I permanently scarred my knee from falling whilst dancing at a Ween show. I STILL have a teensy scar!
Good times, good times...