Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mac Mini presents...May 12, 1987

This is my first post using the glorious, wee Mac Mini, my birthday present. Yes, yesterday was #35 and I am still accepting gifts of Kit Kat bars and vanilla lattes.

And now, faithful readers, let us journey back to the time of slouch socks and Forenza....1987

May 12, 1987

Dear Diana!
Today was normal. At lunch, LH. and I went down to see the elementary school practice, then we went to see Dr. Hogan about L.'s parents. Her "Dad" is going away for 2 weeks at the end of May. She is so happy! I hope I can learn to swim! Dad was in a decent mood. I have $11 to go to New Hope on. L told Dr. Hogan that I am her best friend. I didn't know that. It sort of makes me feel nice like I was needed. I like that. We are pretty true friends. Today in Science, L and MM had a huge water spray bottle fight when Volpe walked out of the room. The floor was VERY wet!

And now to explain:
1. The elementary school practiced for their spring concert in the high school's gym.

2. Looking back now, her step-dad was wicked abusive, maybe even sexually, but it just didn't occur to me at age 14! Nobody ever told me what to do in a situation like that. It makes me wonder what my students know is going on at each others' houses and if they know that they can tell me. Since I'm apparently Most Popular Teacher (due to my "Back That Cart Up" song or Descendants Vans), maybe they do feel okay talking to me. Hm.

3. I still can barely swim, regardless of working at a pool (in the snack bar) or who tried to teach me.

4. Okay, totally stream of consciousness, eh?

5. The $11 refers to spending money I would take with me when we walked down to town from school.

6. Volpe=physical science teacher. I totally remember this day. The lights were off, there were dissected worms in trays on the sinks next to us, and Lexi and MM attacked each other with water bottles. Totally hilarious if you're in 8th grade. I can only imagine what Volpe thought when she came back in!

7. Dr. Hogan was the school psychologist. I think she was the one who Dan and I got to talk to later on. Maybe the school did think some abuse was going on, which is why LH and then Brother Man and I got to see the shrink. Hmmmmm.


Alexis said...

First, Happy Belated Birthday!
That is the cutest little computer.
It's the size of quilt square.
Second, I totally do not remember said water bottle fight at all. Oh right I completely blocked out all of 7 and 8th grade. That is funny though. What in the world got me to have a water bottle fight and with Matt McKeever of all people? Hilarious. I do seem to remember, however, being paired up with Matt for a few other science projects.
Keep 'em coming lady. Oh and Mrs. Volpe that poor woman.

Allison said...

I think it was an ongoing thing you two did, like your marker fights with Tom Orum.
I just remember the worms and the creepy fetal pigs!

Katherine said...

Big Happy Birthday, Big A!!

Do you ever realize that you were once one of 'those **^!!@&* kids'--the kind that drove your teachers crazy? Honestly, I don't think I did anything but talk in my 8th grade art class. Go figure--here I am now all these many years later freaking out over excessive talking and water fights in 8th grade art class.

Also, I think I was sexually harassed almost daily in jr. high by a guy friend and I don't remember the teachers EVER being aware it was even going on.

Robin said...

Dammit, I suck! Totally forgot to buy you a vanilla latte (or beer) last night. I'll make up for it in old jeans, okay?

Happy belated! Welcome to 3fucking5.