Wednesday, January 30, 2008

James Dean

May 13, 1987

Today, being a half day, C. and I walked to New Hope. She bought James Dean crap and a J.D. address book! Preserve the Queen! I bough shampoo, Seventeen and gum.
She didn't want H. to go with us because she said H. is a pain. So now H. is mad at me! But I know Ill make her laugh and then we'll be friends again. I have a knack for that. Once, C. was REALLY mad at me because of something to do with BW and so I called her and talked in my early Toadwort (of Gummi Bears) impression. Of course, she burst out laughing because I am a humorous person!

Okay, where to start with this one?
My friend C. was wicked into James Dean and Sal Mineo. In fact, she later believed their ghosts lived in her room. I didn't really know who they were and thought it was a little weird.

You'll note I only had $11 to blow, and of course, thriftster me had to buy freakin' shampoo with it. I wish I could remember what kind it was/what fruit it smelled like. My mom was a Prell woman, so we never got anything fancy.

And Gummi Bears had voices? Since when? Oh... since Disney got a hold of them...

I think this really shows why I didn't blow my brains out with one of the many guns in our house. We learned to deal with things with humor, a trait that helps me immensely in my daily travails with those wily 7th graders! Or, it shows that I'm unable to say "I'm sorry" directly and have to joke my way around the situation.
Or, that I'm just a moron.
Can you tell I was big into the "All Creatures Great and Small" series?

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